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Everything is awesome!

OK, I’ll admit it: I recently watched The Lego Movie with my kids. That “Everything Is Awesome” song is still stuck in my head. Did you know there is a 10-hour YouTube video that repeats that song over and over? Someone has too much time on their hands.

As an almost 40-year old, should I be embarrassed that “Everything is awesome” has become my response to most questions? Anyway, personal embarrassment aside, everything is awesome! Meaning, everything included with your job application software is awesome! This means that when everything is not included with your software option, everything is, well, not awesome.

By everything, what do I mean? Here’s a quick list of everything that is included with your Ninja Gig subscription, most of which items are not typically included by our competitors, or if these items are offered, they come at an extra fee:

  • Unlimited job openings
  • Unlimited number applications
  • Custom questions
  • Unlimited custom questions
  • No contract
  • 30-day free trial
  • Technical support
  • Website portal

Everything is awesome, especially that all of this (and more) is yours for a low monthly fee of $19! You have nothing to lose, so what are you waiting for? Sign up now for our 30-day free trial, and find out for yourself that everything truly is awesome.

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Electronically Signed Applications

In recent years we have seen more and more online forms requiring an electronic signature at the end of the form, typically requiring us to type our full name in a text box, or type some other phrase, like “I AGREE”. Many times this field can come across a little annoying, and who reads those paragraphs anyway, right? Well, if you are not reading them, you should be.

As it turns out, electronic signatures are commonly accepted in legal battles, and just because you didn’t read something doesn’t mean you are covered. Also, just because you don’t physically sign a document, doesn’t automatically disqualify the legality of the document. More and more electronic signatures are becoming standard practice for online forms and applications.

When applying for a job online, make sure you read the fine print, and follow the instructions carefully, including your electronic signature. If not anything else, the electronic signature can be used as a test to see how well you can follow instructions.

If you are the company doing the hiring, including an electronic signature requirement in your job application is a good idea, if not anything else to ensure that the prospective employee can follow instructions. Also, this digital signature along with the application can act as a legally binding document.

Here at Ninja Gig we realize the importance of electronic signatures on employment applications, and we have recently released a new feature that allows you to completely customize the digital signature, or even turn it off if you want to. This additional level of customization will save you time and energy in dealing with your potential applicants. With this, and all of our other great features, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and sign up today for a 30-day free trial and see how great, yet simple to use, our software is.