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Recordkeeping Rules for Job Applications

Ninja Gig provides software that specializes in accepting job applications, which helps to streamline Human Resources’ job. However, the federal government still has requirements about keeping job applications, whether they are received in-person or online. Outlined below are the specific federal regulations and their stipulations for maintaining copies of job applications.

  • Age Discrimination – Under this federal act, employment applications must be retained for one-year; however, if anything on the application indicates that an applicant may be over 40 years of age, all necessary paperwork is to be retained for two years. Some states that have adopted the 40 years and older rule for age discrimination, while others have rules about age discrimination starting at 18 years of age. It is best to check with each individual state.
  • Americans with Disabilities Act – This requires that applications be kept a minimum of one-year and a maximum of two years.
  • Civil Rights Act of 1964 – Employers must keep job applications and other necessary employment records for one-year.
  • Executive Order 11246 – This is a more complicated rule and applies to government contractors that have less than 150 employees, or a contract of at least $150,000. If the two aforementioned conditions are met, employers must maintain records for a minimum of two years. If a previous resume is reconsidered for a new position, the date of time to retain the document restarts.

There are some exceptions to the above rules. For example, if a company is facing an unlawful employment practice or discrimination charge, an employment application must be retained until all legal issues are resolved.

Many employers opt to save applications and resumes online, which makes it easier to save and later destroy these documents. To be on the safe side, it is recommended that employers retain job applications and resumes for two years.

The beautiful thing about using online application software like Ninja Gig is that long-term storage becomes a breeze, as we keep all applicant data stored securely, indefinitely!  Even if you choose to “delete” an applicant, we keep that data archived and can easily recover the application.

This, and many more reasons, are why you should be accepting employment applications online!  You can use our job application template or create your own custom job application, and start receiving applications immediately.  Sign-up for our 30-day free trial of our software and see how simple the hiring process can become.

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Pokemon Go! But only on your break!

Five days ago a friend of mine posted on Facebook “I am going to the park to play Pokemon if anyone wants to come with me.”  This was from a 30-something year old!  At the time, way back last week, Pokemon Go wasn’t in my vocabulary, but this new game has taken the world by storm, and one can’t help but be exposed to this latest craze.

Today at work I was in the lobby waiting for someone to arrive for a meeting, when two of my co-workers got off the elevator, both intently looking at their phones and clicking, swiping, etc.  The one asked the other, “did you get any?”  I knew right away what they were talking about.


I am not a hater of technology, Pokemon, or any other diversion, but everything has it’s place, especially in the workplace.  I have worked with people over the years who watch movies while programming, have a game running in the background that they check in on once an hour, and more.  I don’t think any of these things are bad in-and-of-themselves, but I do think that people should come to work to work, get the job done as quickly as possible, and then leave work to do these extra-curricular activities.

I found the above image extremely funny, and yet sad, as I think it does somewhat portray the culture we are in with extreme diversions, time-sucks, blog reading (like this one), etc.  As an employer, I have a hard time knowing the right balance between work and allowing my employees these small diversions.  I am not sure what the correct balance is.

All this said, there are blatant abuses of the system, and there are things you can do as an employer to identify time abuse and deal with it before it becomes a much larger problem.  Another great idea is to try and identify potential issues before you actually hire someone.  A glance at a person’s social media accounts will quickly tell you how active he/she is on social media.  If the potential candidate is posting once an hour or more, this could be a sign that they are going to be highly distracted at work.

Finally, you should ask questions on the application that might help you identify people who are going to have a hard time focusing on the job at hand.  By asking them questions about their hobbies, interest outside of work, and more, you can gain a pretty good understanding of their personality.  Luckily, there are great software options out there that allow you customize your job application and ask almost any question you want, within legal realms.  Ninja Gig is a great option to allow you to accept job applications online, while also providing you with a way to customize your employment application.  We even offer a job application template you can start from.

Interested in learning more?  Sign up today for our 30-day free trial, and you can start accepting job applications within the next few minutes.


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When You Think Your Employee May Be Incompetent

Once employers begin to contemplate the competency of their employees’ abilities, everything goes downhill. It is like witnessing a terrible landslide.

When hiring an accounting professional, it is important to ask accounting-related questions. The best option is to institute a basic math proficiency test. Basic budgeting should be a requirement, as well knowing the answer to 2+2=4. If the candidate requires a calculator or their SmartPhone to complete the quiz, he/she is likely not a suitable candidate for an accounting position.

It is also a great idea to complete a background check, as well as a credit check on any serious potential candidates. This gives an idea about how candidates spend their own money.

For example, I was speaking to a controller this week that wanted to spend $200K on a land lot for her house, but failed to consider the actual home building costs. When I attempted to explain the basic math behind backwards budgeting, which involves figuring out the total amount of the home loan, subtracting the land costs, utilities, excavation, etc., I was still met with a blank look. I literally had to explain backwards budgeting to a controller with a Master’s Degree in Accounting.

Were red flags flying across my field of vision? Definitely. Would I ever hire her for an accounting position? That answer is laughable.

The bottom line is that employers can save substantial money by investing in employment software, such as Ninja Gig. This allows employers to ask questions that relate to necessary qualifications for jobs, such as accounting backgrounds, submitting to background and credit checks and much more.

Screening candidates and ensuring they have the necessary knowledge to complete their jobs is vital to helping companies workflow.  Sign-up for a free trial of our service and create your own custom job application, or use our template, and start accepting job applications online today!