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What jobs do people quit the most?

While unemployment numbers keep going down, there are some jobs that still have high turnover rates.

  1. Amazon – Ironically, the August 2015 “New York Times” Amazon expose highlights how the expectations of this mega-giant company make it difficult for most employees. The median employee tenure is only one year, and some local recruiters say that they will stay away from placing former Amazon employees. If workers can get through long and late night meetings, sending secret feedback to bosses and potentially sabotaging other employees, they may have a longer than average career at this online retailer.
  2. Life Insurance – The life insurance industry requires that people stay long-term before they start seeing an increase in their salaries through residuals and referrals. However, the difficulty in closing sales makes it easy for people to not stick with it and move on to other opportunities.
  3. Registered Nurses – The U.S. is facing a shortage of registered nurses. Surveys show that up to 43% of newly licensed registered nurses leave their first jobs within mere years of employment. The turnover rate for this profession is high due to stress, pressure and lack of support. Couple that with incredibly long shifts and nurses have a high burnout rate.
  4. Leisure and Hospitality Industry – This industry, which includes housekeepers and food service employees, regularly experiences a high turnover rate. With employees only making around minimum wage, it’s not uncommon for them to leave their jobs for higher earning positions. Even making an extra dollar an hour is a strong motivator for someone to pursue another employment opportunity.

Ninja Gig specializes in helping human resources departments create online employment applications. These applications are easy to customize and are ideal for industries that experience high turnover. It helps simplify the application process for companies while making it easy for applicants to submit their resumes.

Communication Employee Retention Hiring Tips Human Resources Job Interviews Morale National Trends Online Employment Applications Software Tips for Small Businesses

Essential Tips for Retaining Customer Service Positions

For companies to rise above their competition, they need to maintain their customer base and attract new customers. The employers that are entrusted with customer support serve one of the most vital roles in any company – they, are the direct link to the company and their customers.

To help find the best, most talented customer service employees and retain them long-term, Ninja Gig has put together several helpful hiring tips.

  • Personality – It is important to hire the right employee that has a personality that shines. Customer support people represent your company, which means that if customers have problems, these are the people they turn to resolve any issues. An applicant needs to have the right personality to positively interact with their clients on a regular basis. Look for an employee that has excellent communication skills and is an effective problem solver.
  • Motivation – Customer service requires patience and a willingness to solve even the most complex issues. An employee should have the motivation to do a good job with every customer. They need to maintain a calm focus, especially when dealing with inpatient or frustrated customers. If an applicant has previous customer service experience, you can ask them how they solved some of the problems they faced at other jobs. You can also present a common customer service problem to applicants and ask how they would respond under pressure. Inquire about how they would handle challenging customers.
  • References – Ask for references and speak with former employers and coworkers about how the person handled different situations in their previous jobs. If the applicant has a natural inclination to work with people, he/she may be a good fit for a customer service position.

If an employee does well in customer sales, chances are another company will likely recruit them. To help offset employee turnover, human resources department need to consider implementing the following:

  • Comprehensive Benefits Package – Offer a comprehensive package that shows employees that companies care. While it may seem obvious, companies that go out of their way to care for their employees have a less frequent turnover.
  • Be Upfront – During the employment interview, it’s important to clearly state the company’s expectations. While you may lose some candidates up front, in the long run, you will hire better, more qualified and loyal employees.
  • Motivation – Never estimate the power of motivation. Motivating your employees can keep them challenged and let them know they are appreciated.
  • Goals – Always establish clear, individual goals to help encourage a creative thought process. This can help develop a thriving work environment that promotes long-term company benefits.

Ninja Gig specializes in accepting online job applications, which makes it easy to ask potential customer service employees about their job histories, qualifications and much more.

Communication Employee Retention Hiring Tips Human Resources Job Interviews Morale National Trends Online Employment Applications Software Tips for Small Businesses

The Benefits of Tracking Turnover in the Food Service Industry

The food service industry experiences a sky-high turnover rate, resting around 72.1-percent in 2015. To help combat this high turnover, Ninja Gig has analyzed some practical tools for tackling this high turnover rate.

Restaurants should have interview guides for each food service position, which includes a variety of questions about employee’s knowledge, skills, availability, previous experience, job accomplishments and personal attributes. Interviewers should take thorough notes when interviewing applicants and pay special attention to applicants’ personality traits, which includes their communication skills and their enthusiasm for the job.

Applicants should also be given a clear job description, so they know what is expected from them. Consider adding these questions to your online job application and in-person interviews:

  1. What do you consider a significant project or accomplishment in your career? This is a great way to start a conversation with an applicant. Remember to ask specific questions as the candidate talks, focusing on how he/she interacts with others and his/her work habits.
  2. If you are offered this job, and you accept it, you are happy with the position and your salary, what type of offer from another company would make you consider leaving? Employee loyalty is vital, especially since the food service industry has such a high turnover rate. This question gives employers insight into what is important to employees – self-satisfaction, happiness or money.
  3. What tasks do you not like? Providing insight into a candidate’s personality, employers should look for tasks that are part of the job description. This will help eliminate potential candidates that are likely to leave and find new employment.
  4. Tell me about something that occurred at work that didn’t go the way you wanted? Responses generally fall into three categories: the opportunity for growth, blame or self-deprecation. If prospective employees point fingers or respond indignantly, it’s best to think twice before extending an employment offer.
  5. If we offer you the job and in a year, we are sitting here celebrating, what did we work to achieve together? This question will highlight if the applicant has done his/her homework about your company and if he/she understands the available position.
  6. Why have you had so many jobs over the last several years? Moving beyond employment dates can help uncover a candidate’s career progression, why he/she changes employers and what can motivate him/her to stay long-term.
  7. What is the most effective way to manage you? This will show if a candidate understands the essential keys to his/her success. It will also highlight the amount of supervision he/she requires, communication styles and effective rewards, which allows you to determine if he/she is a good fit for your existing team.

Ninja Gig features the ease of online job applications, which can help streamline traditional paperwork within the food service industry. Applicants can quickly complete online employment applications and employers can manage these applications during the employment process.

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Why does the tech industry have low retention rates?

Many people say they dream of working for the big tech companies, such as Google and Amazon. But is working for tech companies all it cracks up to be?

Tech companies are famous for their perks, which are even featured in the 2013 movie, “The Internship” that highlights Google’s employee benefits. Some of their best perks include free gourmet food and snacks, bringing dogs to work, free rides to and from work, death benefits, fitness classes and gyms and more. So who wouldn’t want to work for a tech company that offers these amazing benefits?

While it could be that the tech industry is high stress, most people know this before embarking into the tech industry. Tech employees have highly marketable skills, and Millennials do not define employer loyalty. While employees may be drawn to the benefits that big companies offer, if they get bored or receive a better employment offer, don’t be surprised if they jump ship.

Even if you’re a small tech company, you can benefit from taking notice from larger conglomerates. Some studies show that the average employee is only at their tech job for five years. This means that your company will spend a lot of money rehiring and retraining new employees.

Instead of tech companies accepting job-hopping as the norm, tech companies should delve into why turnover is frequent. A couple of tips to determine why new employees are applying is to have an online job application that asks applicants why they are seeking new employment. Additionally, human resources professionals can conduct exit interviews to obtain insight into specifics about why employees are leaving.

This information can be combined, and an employment retention plan can be put into place. This will help decrease future hiring costs and boost company morale, helping to retain current employees.

Ninja Gig offers customizable online employment application. Tech companies can easily manage these online applications, learn additional information about potential employees and easily retain applications for future reference. Sign up today for a free trial!