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Fastest-Growing Jobs in America

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has released employment projections for 2020. Without further ado or an extended drum roll, the job winners are:

  • Home Care Aid – While this job is on the lower end of the income scale – a mere average median annual salary of $21,309 – it is in huge demand with America’s aging population. Studies show that more than 700,000 new jobs will be available within three years. As more Baby Boomers age and require home care, these aids will help bathe and dress clients, provide light housekeeping services, give limited medication and check vital signs.
  • Biomedical Engineer – The aging Baby Boomer population is creating yet another medical need – this time for biomedical engineers. This position helps solve medical and other health related problems by focusing on the development of devices and health boosting procedures. This field works with chemists, life scientists and medical scientists to develop and evaluate medical systems that can be used in the healthcare field. This may include creating artificial devices for missing body parts, health management, instrumentation and care delivery systems. This field is anticipating an increase of 61.7%.
  • Physical Therapy Assistant – As Americans age, the need for physical therapy assistants will increase by 45.7%. The position helps treat patients that are suffering from physical disabilities or injuries, reviews pain relief exercises and stretches to help increase patients’ range of motion and flexibility.
  • Meeting/Event Planner – Predictions anticipate that there will be a need for 31,000 new meeting and event planners by 2020, which is an increase of 43.7%. Whether it is planning parties, weddings or corporate events, this job focuses on creating fun and meticulously organized activities within budget.
  • Ultrasound Technologist – This position requires collaborating with other medical professionals, interacting with sick patients and having a heightened degree of compassion. An entry-level position requires an associate’s degree, and this field will see an increase in jobs by 43.5%.
  • Translator – With a 42.2% increase in jobs, translators work with written documents and the spoken language. Business deals and court cases will likely see an increase in qualified translator hirings.
  • Market Research Analyst/Marketing Specialist – Performing research and trending over market data, the analyst position helps determine if the market is ready for services or products. They are also responsible for looking at competitors. Once the analyst completes these duties, the data is turned over to the specialist that helps understand the market share and further grow the product. Experts predict this field will increase by 41.2%.
  • Dental Hygienist – A hygienist not only performs cleanings but also sealings, root planing and general oral hygiene education. Most dental hygienists need an associate’s degree and formal training, but by 2020 this field will see a 37.7% increase in jobs.
  • Audiologist – Increasing by 36.8%, this fast-growing health care career is in demand as Baby Boomers age. They specialize in administering and interpreting tests, such as speech reception, air and bone conduction and discrimination tests, helping to determine the type of hearing impairment, damage and effects on speech and comprehension. This position usually requires a master’s degree.
  • Health Educator – Expected to increase by 36.5%, health educators are in school or clinic settings and help educate people about healthy lifestyles. They work with patients to manage medical conditions, such as diabetes or gluten intolerance, contribute to reducing disability and improve overall health.
  • Cost Estimator – This job is expected to increase by 36.4% and have a median annual salary of $61,405. Cost estimators usually have a bachelor’s degree and figure out how much a project or product will ultimately cost. This position helps companies decide if it’s cost effective to create or produce new products.

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The Best Days to Advertise Job Openings

Have you ever wondered if the date and tine you post online job applications affect the overall quality of the applications you receive? After analyzing recruiting software, Ninja Gig is here to answer that valuable question: maybe.

Mondays are the best days to advertise and the day you will receive the most qualified applications. That number continues to decrease through Saturday, with Sunday giving only slightly better results. The consensus is that weekdays are the best days to advertise job openings.

In fact, the number of applications varies as much as 100 percent between Monday and Saturday. This is largely contributed to job aggregation sites that use a ranking factor based on recent posts in their feed algorithms. Additionally, new jobs are included in many email updates and on the front page of many job board search sites.

If you want to appear in the most qualified applicants’ inboxes, forgo the late Friday job posting and aim for Monday. While Fridays are the most popular days for companies to advertise, you will be sorry you did not wait until Monday. The only exception to this rule is print newspapers and classifieds postings, but there again, most people do not receive the newspaper and more applicants simply search for jobs via their Smartphones. Additionally, many web-based applications make applicants apply online, which makes it easier for companies to review resumes and find the most qualified candidates. Just remember that no one is sitting at home and searching for jobs on the weekend.

In fact, if you want to know the exact time of day to post your job opening, aim for Monday during the middle of the day. Most people get back to work on Mondays and around mid-day find they would rather spend their time looking for new jobs than be working.

Just remember to post your jobs during these times so that you can attract more applicants that are qualified.

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The Secrets to Growing Your Cleaning Business

Are you looking to start a successful, profitable cleaning service? Whether you want to offer janitorial services, maid services or carpet and upholstery cleaning, Ninja Gig can give you 10 tips for starting your professional cleaning company.

  1. Resources – Tap into all your resources. Many associations work with professional cleaning companies. Additionally, there are also state and government agencies that offer support for small businesses.
  2. Never Stop Learning – Stay up-to-date with the latest advances in cleaning equipment, chemical safety issues and more. Ask your suppliers to keep you up to speed on new cleaning products. Consider participating in local trade organizations, attend conventions and read industry publications.
  3. Develop Systems – Create detailed systems to help boost and maintain efficiency. This includes systems for cleaning, supervision, customer service, laundry, reporting, management and accounting. Whether you are there to supervise or not, put in place systems that will ensure employees’ success.
  4. Clean Thoroughly – Regardless of what your employees are cleaning, explain to them that they need to treat customers the way they would want to be treated. This includes cleaning as if they are cleaning their office or home and being careful around valuable items. While some items are easy to repair or replace, it is better to avoid harming customer relations and just work more carefully.
  5. Take Care of Employees – If you have your own business, you need to value and take care of your employees. Train employees and treat them with respect while giving them space and not micromanaging. Give incentives and bonuses to employees that are top performers and give them perks, such as using company equipment in their own homes.
  6. Don’t Undersell Yourself – If you only try to undercut the competition’s prices, you won’t survive. Instead, focus on providing quality work.
  7. Cleaning Niche – Find a unique cleaning niche that appeals to a substantial market. For example, if you have a niche cleaning smaller office buildings, avoid offering home cleaning services. When you spread yourself out, you will not be successful overall.
  8. Track Labor Costs – The biggest costs associated with cleaning companies is labor. Create a daily labor costs sheet and address trends before they become issues. For example, if an employee’s time increases for a certain job, are there extra services you should be charging?
  9. Computer Skills – While the cleaning business is not high tech, you need to stay on top of billing, estimates, inventory control and other record-keeping.
  10. Customer Service – Investing in customer service can take a company far. Build strong relationships with clients by consistently following up to ensure they are satisfied with your services.

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Advertising a Cashier Job

It’s summertime, and you desperately need to advertise for your company’s cashier position. Let Ninja Gig help you optimize your online employment advertisement.

Position Title

First, make sure to include all possible descriptions in your ad since these are target keywords: Sales Associate, Retail Clerk, Sales Clerk, Customer Service Clerk and Cashier.


The second part of your online job description should highlight the responsibilities of the position.

  • Scanning goods
  • Collecting payments
  • Managing the cash register
  • Handling cash transactions with customers
  • Issuing receipts or refunds
  • Cross-selling products and introducing new products
  • Greeting customers
  • Resolving any customer complaints, including guiding them by providing additional information
  • Maintaining a tidy and clean checkout area
  • Bagging, boxing or wrapping packages
  • Managing transaction reports

Job Description

Consider adding a brief paragraph to the cashier job description that summarizes the role.

We are looking for an experienced cashier to help process all cash transactions. Efficiency and accuracy are a requirement. The successful candidate will contribute to improving customer satisfaction and boost revenue growth objectives. Duties and responsibilities of this position include greeting customers, keeping reports of all cash and credit transactions and maintaining a neat and clean check out area.


Next, you will need to add the necessary requirements for the job. This will help you eliminate unqualified applicants.

  • Strong communication skills
  • Experience working in sales or as a retail cashier
  • Basic knowledge of electronic equipment, such as a PC, cash register, money counters, scanners and credit card machines
  • Strong time management skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Basic mathematical skills
  • Customer satisfaction oriented
  • Sales Skills
  • High school degree

By having a complete job description, your company can use Ninja Gig’s online job application to help ensure that the right talent is attracted to applying to your company.  Sign up now for your 30-day free trial of the Ninja Gig employment application software, digitize your application form, and see how easy the hiring process can become by going digital!

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Tips for Minimizing Turnover and Retaining Employees

Successful employers listen to their employees and understand why employees leave to pursue careers with other companies. However, there are many misconceptions that employees only leave companies to obtain higher pay. Educating managers and management about why employees leave companies can dramatically reduce turnover rates.


The following are some of the top reasons why employees leave companies:

  • Employees sometimes do not feel a connection with their jobs.
  • Employees sometimes feel the workplace or the job simply were not what they expected.
  • There is little feedback or coaching.
  • Employees felt unrecognized and devalued for their work.
  • There are not enough advancement and growth opportunities.
  • The employee does not have the confidence to trust his/her senior management leaders.
  • Employees feel over-stressed from working too much or not spending enough time on their personal lives.

Turnover costs companies money. Estimates show that it takes nearly three times an employee’s salary to replace him/her. These costs include lost opportunities, recruitment, lost productivity and severance payments.

Here are some other mind-boggling statistics to share with your management team:


  • Nearly 50% of people that are recruited into a company leave within two years.
  • 70% of companies report that turnover costs them money recruiting, hiring and training replacement employees, in addition to having current employees work overtime until the vacant position is filled with a qualified employee.
  • 1 in 4 new hires leave a company within six months.
  • 50% of companies experience regular issues that relate directly to employee retention.
  • 70% of companies report having problems replacing staff.


To help boost retention rates, companies should consider implementing one or all of the following methods:


  • Training – Train employees and help reinforce their sense of worth and value. Well-trained employees are likely to feel more successful as they achieve their goals.
  • Mentoring – By implementing a mentoring program, companies can offer employees a goal-oriented feedback system. By pairing an experienced employee with a new employee, companies can help boost competencies, feedback and provide an individualized career development plan.
  • Positive Culture – If a company focuses on incorporating a positive culture, employee turnover decreases.
  • Communication – Every employer should focus on having employees build their communication, offer their opinions and suggestions and understand that management values feedback.
  • Compensation and Benefits – Employees appreciate companies that show them they care by offering healthy compensation and benefits packages.
  • Referrals and Recruitment – Have current employees offer referrals and hire from within the organization.
  • Growth Opportunities – Companies should offer software, workshops and other tools to help boost employees’ performance and confidence in themselves. Employees also require some job challenges to help them expand their knowledge within the field. Employees are likely to stay with a company longer if the organization invests in their future and career development.
  • Coaching and Feedback – Companies should regularly give employees coaching and feedback, which ensures that employees align with company goals and meet expectations.
  • Value Employees – Employees that feel companies value them go the extra mile with completing their job responsibilities.
  • Work and Life Balance – Help employees create a work and life balance by accommodating telecommuting, flextime, extra holidays, etc. Employees that are happy and healthy are more productive.


Ninja Gig can help companies find qualified applicants. Using an online employment application system, companies can customize job applications to each available position. Potential candidates can then apply online and companies can target qualified candidates.  Start your free-trial today and see how easy this process can become.