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Tips for Team Building

Whether you’re a cleaning company, restaurant or Fortune 500 company, you need to build a strong, dynamic team that will help take your business to the next level. To ensure that you create a culture that honors your employees, consider the following team building tips.

Implement a clear vision and direction. A company that has a concise direction can help build a strong team. Each team member should understand and communicate the company’s vision. When all employees understand your business’ goals, it makes it easier to make sure that everyone is moving in the same direction.

Each team member is unique, but everyone is part of a whole team. The healthiest teams have a strong sense of belonging, while also recognizing that each member has personal strengths and contributions. Companies need to engage with each team member on a one-on-one level to highlight their individual strengths. By building each person individually, it helps strengthen and create a stronger, dynamic team.

Always maintain respectful, honest and open communication. Healthy team cultures all demonstrate one quality, which has an environment where employees can freely voice their needs and options and management will hear them. If you’re trying to gauge the level of communication within your organization, take a step back and listen in meetings to the employee’s background conversations. What is the overall tone of the conversations? Is it rushed and short? Is it engaging and laid back? Taking the time to analyze your company’s communication environment will help you build a strong team.

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12 Human Resources Hot Buttons

Today’s job market has some fierce competition, which is why employees need to stand out more than ever.

Ninja Gig highlights the latest 12 hot button subjects for human resources’ departments to incorporate into their interview questions.

  1. Results – The bottom line is any interview is to determine what the applicant has accomplished. Listen to action and buzz words, such as: initiated, developed, led or increased.
  2. Figures and Numbers – Don’t settle for vague assertions. Ask questions so applicants deliver concrete statistics, numbers and figures. Did they help decrease spending or increase revenue? Ask the hard questions to get the best and brightest employees.
  3. Awards – Make sure that applicants highlight their accolades and awards.
  4. Staying Power – You want to see an employee that has the staying power your company needs to succeed. Look for employees that have stayed at companies for several years and received promotions before moving on. These are signs of candidates that will help reduce your turnover and build your business.
  5. Website or Blog – Blogging and personal websites have become very popular. Reading someone’s grammar and writing style can also highlight good communication skills. This is also an opportune time to see if the potential applicant shared too much about his/her personal life or details about past jobs.
  6. Skills and Education – If your company requires specific certifications, make sure that applicants have kept up with any requirements or necessary education. An applicant that stays up-to-date on the latest technology and industry trends is someone that wants to succeed.
  7. Attitude – You want employees that are flexible, positive and enthusiastic. Avoid hiring applicants that criticize current or past employers or co-workers. Remember that a positive attitude is contagious in the workplace.
  8. Leadership Skills – Many companies think that leadership skills are only reserved for management positions. However, you need to think again. New employees that demonstrate leadership skills can help influence your company and have room for growth. Look for potential leadership by listening to how candidates improved a product or process, came up with solutions to problems or contributed ideas to their workplaces.
  9. Initiative and Ideas – Listen for applicants to tell you solutions and ideas that can solve your business’ current problems. Not only will you be more interested in hearing their proactive solutions, but chances are you’re looking for a candidate that has the potential to hit the ground running.
  10. Growth Potential – You want people that don’t just commit to their job descriptions, but are willing to go above and beyond to ensure your company’s success. Ask candidates about their past experiences where they have operated outside their comfort zones.
  11. Hobbies – You know that all candidates have interests outside of work so why not ask them about their passions. Someone that is devoted to hobbies or has special interests shows he/she is committed to success.
  12. Creativity – You want to hire employees that are creative problem solvers that can easily think outside the box. See if the candidate has a track record for solving problems using innovative solutions.

Ninja Gig can help companies implement a reliable online job application system. You can quickly and efficiently target advertising to potential online candidates and then search through their online job applications. Once you have a narrow list of potential candidates, you can focus on interviewing, asking the right questions and hiring the employee that will help your company succeed.  Sign up today for your free trial and you can make your life so much easier.  Start accepting applications within minutes!

Best Places to Work Communication Coworkers Employee Retention Firing Employees Goals Hiring Tips Human Resources National Trends Online Employment Applications Social Media Software Tips for Small Businesses Workplace Discrimination

Hiring the Best Restaurant Employees

The restaurant business is not for the faint of heart. Whether you’re a greasy spoon diner looking to build up clientele or you’re struggling to earn your first Michelin Star, it’s important that you hire the right employees to boost your restaurant.

Turnover is Never Your Friend

The restaurant industry has high turnover rates, which means that it’s inevitable you’ll lose some employees along the way. However, you need to keep a positive outlook and not resign yourself to steady turnover rates. Managers that take their time during the hiring process can eliminate the potential for non-performing employees. By taking the time to interview the right candidates, you can avoid turnover-related personnel issues.

Structure and Standardize Interviews

It’s not uncommon for restaurants to have dozens of job interviews each month. To make sure that you’re making the most out of each interview, create a standardized template and follow a strict set of interview procedures. If applicants don’t provide satisfactory answers, eliminate them from the second round of interviews. Consider implementing a minimum of two interviews before hiring.

Star Performers

Before you get too involved in the hiring process, take a step back and ask what is your ideal employee? To help identify positive traits, look to your current top performers. Whether they work every ticket to the best of their ability or go the extra mile to ensuring customer satisfaction, these employees’ skills are critical to your restaurant’s success. If potential candidates do not possess the skills that your top employees do, nix them and move on.

Always Verify References

Always check references to confirm applicants’ work-related experiences and skills. You may catch some applicants in outright lies about their experience, so it’s better to find these things out during the reference check than later when you hire them. Some restaurants incorporate computerized personality tests to help identify hard-working, competent and honest candidates.

Future Leaders

You need to focus on hiring candidates that are strong leaders. You can’t manage every employee all day, which is why you need to hire employees that are self-starters, motivated and want to better themselves. Whether it’s hiring wait staff, line cooks, sous chefs or kitchen managers, implement a trial-by-fire audition that shows how well employees perform in the real-world.


The key positions in your restaurant demand that you hire excellent employees. Using a combination of targeted interview questions and personality tests can help you assess suitable candidates. Your key employees should also be able to perform well under pressure. Hire the right employees for your restaurant and take your business to the next level.


Ninja Gig provides online job application solutions. You can quickly post and advertise your job online, receive notification of online applications and sort through applicants to find the most talented employees to interview. This will give you additional time to carefully interview potential candidates, as you can weed out applicants that do not have restaurant or leadership experiences.  Sign up today for your free trial and you can start accepting job applications online within minutes.

Communication Employee Retention Firing Employees Hiring Tips Human Resources Job Interviews National Trends Online Employment Applications Social Media Software Tips for Small Businesses

How to Hire Employees for Your Cleaning Business

If you run a cleaning company, you know that the saying, “Good help is hard to find,” rings true. Whether you manage a carpet cleaning, housekeeping or janitorial company, it can be difficult to find quality employees that are willing to stick around and help make your business shine.

If you’re looking for suitable candidates, consider the following:

  • Post cleaning jobs online and use Ninja Gig’s convenient online job application to help weed through applicants.
  • Personal referrals are always very helpful so remember to ask business associates and friends if they know anyone trustworthy that may be interested in applying for open positions.
  • Use social media to advertise your current positions. You can link back to online job applications to help make it easier to identify qualified applicants.

When you are going through prospective employees’ information, be sure to prepare detailed questions for your interview and always call references and conduct thorough background checks. If the applicant has a record for stealing, your clients will not be happy if things are amiss in their homes. You want to treat your customers’ valuables with the utmost care, which is why it’s important to check any potential employees thoroughly.

Avoid hiring cleaning employees just because you need to fill open positions. You don’t want to risk cancellation of your cleaning accounts just because an employee is unreliable or waiting for a better job to come along.

When you hire a qualified applicant, make sure to update your Worker’s Compensation Insurance. Your insurance agent can quickly update your policy to reflect any changes.

You may also need to update your surety bond liability to expand your coverage. These bonds are based on the company’s size. A surety bond offers insurance for your outstanding cleaning contracts and dictates client compensation if you are unable to finish a task.

Ninja Gig can help you develop online job applications that are custom to the cleaning industry. You can sort through qualified applicants, keep resumes on file for future hires and comply with federal paperwork maintenance requirements.  Start your free 30-day trial and start accepting job applications online today!  Sign up here