Employee Retention Morale

Gracias, Merci, Thank You!

No matter what language you use, saying Thank You is a simple, yet powerful way of retaining good employees and keeping morale high in your business (or personal life).

Many employees have cited that they have accepted and stayed in a job that had standard to sub-standard wages because they felt appreciated, they felt validated and they were thanked on a regular basis.

One employee was working in a job she knew was a temporary position.  The hours were extremely long, the job was high-stress and every day was grueling.  To top it off, this employee was expecting and didn’t often feel well.  On paper it didn’t seem worth it for the employee to stay.

In reality, it was one of the most rewarding jobs the employee ever had.


Because of two words:  thank you.

The employee was thanked.  Often.  And in many different ways.  Lunches out, gift certificates and just simple words of gratitude conveyed that the company couldn’t do it without her, she was valued, she was an integral part of the company and she was appreciated.

It doesn’t take much to make employees feel good.  A few simple words each day, an acknowledgement of an accomplishment or a job well done go far in keeping employees happy and content.

An employee who feels genuinely valued and appreciated would walk across hot coals for their boss and be more patient when the money is tight, the hours are long, or the job is stressful.

Start today – make a list of people you have relationships with and then write something about each person you are grateful for, and then find a way to express this gratitude – a note, some words or even a small gift.

You will find that the more you express gratitude, the easier it is for you to do this on a regular basis and improve your business and your relationships.