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Resolve to Accept Online Applications

What better resolution than to make your biz more tech-friendly this year.  And more specifically, START accepting online job applications for your business.

Even if your business is small, this one step will make your business look better and you will receive a wider variety of qualified job applicants.

For just $10 per month on, you receive:

  • Your own website portal
  • The ability to post unlimited jobs
  • The ability to receive unlimited employment applications
  • QR Code (those funky looking barcodes)
  • A tinyURL link for your website
  • A secure login where you can review and organize all received applications, manage job openings, etc.

Here are a Few Key Points to Consider:

-You don’t need your own existing website to receive online job applications.

As part of your registration, you will automatically get your own Ninja Gig portal. We let you choose your own domain name ( and you will use that link to point applicants in the right direction. provides you with your own specific link.

We let you choose your own domain name ( and you will use that domain name on your website and other on-line job postings to point applicants in the right direction. The simplicity of an domain name makes remembering much easier for your applicants.
-Unlimited Job Applications does not limit the number of applications you can receive from our software. Whether you receive 1 or 1,000 applications, the price is the same. Even if you only receive one application per month, our software is well worth the price to enable the on-line application process, while giving your company the tools you need to receive, track, and manage all current and previous applications.
-Mobile employment applications

We have enabled our software to make accepting employment applications from a mobile device a piece of cake. Mobile visitors will automatically be re-directed to a mobile-friendly website and still enjoy your fully-functional employment application.

Using Ninja Gig for job postings

While our software isn’t specifically designed as a job posting service, our tools will enable you to create basic job openings with titles and descriptions.
-$10 Per Month and no Contract

We understand that your bottom line is the most important thing (next to hiring fantastic employees) – you pay $10 per month for unlimited use and applications and you don’t have to sign a huge contract. You can cancel anytime.

Having an online presence and giving applicants the ability to apply online for a job is becoming more and more of a big deal.  But, setting this up for your company is NOT a big deal at all.  It’s easy, fast and you can test drive it for free HERE.

Happy Hiring!