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Position description ; CATCHER


- Follows the direction of the production QC
- Catches and neatly fold garments into dozens as they come off of the curing oven.
- Remove the garments from the conveyor belt and the shoulders and shake them out to help straighten the fabric and to keep in bundles.
- Garments need to be counted by colors and sizes. Counts need to be verified against the quantities requested.
- The quality control / count sheets need to be accurately filled out prior to beginning the production order.
- Assist operators and loaders in opening the orders for the machine-help stage blanks from containers.
- Separates all shirts that need to be cleaned, touched up or are apparent mill rejects.
- Catcher is responsible for immediately notifying the machine operator and or quality control when multiple misprints or errors are detected.
- verify the correct color combination, registration of color and base, colors are in the right position.

- Pay starts $11.00, steady work, weekly pay.

If interested please apply within or call 626.363.7808

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