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Helpful Hints for Social Media and Business Marketing

Since virtually everything is online now, including most online recruitment, your business should be too. Perhaps you have a website and have left it at that. That was fine five years ago, but you have to start doing more to thrive and get the presence you want. Many businesses are figuring things out and making […]

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When Is Gossip in the Workplace Helpful?

A recent study that came out of the University of Amsterdam found that 90 percent of all workplace conversations consist of gossip. Now handling workplace gossip can be challenging at times at this statistic¬†sounds a bit alarming at first. No one likes a gossiper, but the study found that sometimes gossip can be helpful at […]

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Exploring the Phrase “Everything Is Awesome”

OK, I’ll admit it: I recently watched “The Lego Movie” with my kids. The “Everything Is Awesome” song is still stuck in my head. Did you know there is a 10-hour YouTube video that repeats that song over and over? Someone has too much time on their hands.¬†As an almost 40-year old, should I be […]