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We are super impressed and thrilled with Ninja Gig. We compared your online job application software and two other tools and Ninja Gig was the perfect fit. Implementation was easy and we are excited to be in this for the long haul with you.
All the best!”
I am VERY happy with Ninja Gig. We began using the site when I was overwhelmed with online recruiting needs. I was running 12 classified ads and receiving over 100 responses in a weekend. With utilizing the custom questions on the job applications on Ninja Gig, I've cut the review and pre-interview time for an applicant from roughly an hour per applicant to only a few minutes. Your site has made my job MUCH easier!! I can enjoy recruiting again! The ability to rank each applicant is a big help, as well. In all, Ninja Gig is saving me a huge amount of time in pre-screening, reviewing, and selecting applicants for interviews. Not to mention the fact that paper management has become much easier due to the electronic save and automatic downloads of each applicant and resume.”
Ninjagig has provided our business with supreme service - to provide our potential candidates with an ease Ninja Gig job application link on our own website. If you are looking for a service to enable your candidates to apply using job applications online and to manage and track job applicants easier, then Ninjagig is what you are looking for. Their team is helpful and reliable! When you ask they listen and within moments you have all your questions answered. The prices are reasonable and the format is stellar! Thank you, Aspen Technologies Inc. appreciates your services tremendously."
​I think the NinjaGig website and service is great! I've received multiple job applications through your site without even advertising! I would definitely recommend this to another small business owner, in fact I already have."

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​NinjaGig has been the perfect answer to our needs. It is very easy to set up and customize. We run a summer school program so we appreciate being able to 'turn it off' when our hiring is complete. Customer service has been outstanding."
​NinjaGig has simplified our application process more than I thought possible, and the easy to use interface allows users with limited technical knowledge to submit an application. Combine the ease of use with the affordable price, and NinjaGig is a win win! I would, without reservation, give y’all a 5!"
​We have found to be of tremendous help in orchestrating our employment applications and look forward to utilizing its help in an ongoing basis. It allows a small business like ours to project an image of a larger company without having to pay the costs of administering a web-site for employment utilizing expensive software. We think your business model is super for our size business."
Easy to use and simple to manage' is the best way I can describe Ninja Gig. It is a tool that actually works, is intuitive, and does not break the bank. I really do love it."
Thank you for all your help. I really like the simplicity of the application process. I've found that I can tailor each application to a specific position. This is awesome!"
I struggled with hiring for 9 months. What type of application? How can I reduce the paper? I did a Google search and found It is a lifesaver! Within 8 hours I had 12 applications and hired 10 people. It is a great product."
Ninja Gig made it easy for my company to reach out and find the right employee right from my computer without all the paper applications. Very easy to use and affordable! Thanks!"
Thanks to Ninja Gig I have been able to provide an application link which works and is affordable. The application is customizable. After a search for such a service, Ninja Gig was found to be the top provider for receiving applications for my company at an affordable rate."