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Social Media in the Workplace

In a recent report, it was estimated that workers spent an average of 7.5 hours during the week on social media, and that was just time spent during the workday. That employers are losing out on 1.5 hours a day of productivity from their employees due to social media in the workplace. The most popular […]

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Should You or Should You Not Have a Holiday Work Party?

As Christmas approaches, many employers have difficulty deciding how to thank and honor their employees in a budget-conscious manner appropriately while still maintaining employee morale. Employee Morale Is Tricky Many¬†employees have recently reported that the annual Christmas party has been nixed from the holiday lineup, much to their relief and happiness. Christmas parties can be […]

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Employees Question Yahoo’s Limited No Telecommuting Policy

In today’s job market, offering a telecommuting option can be very attractive to job applicants. In fact, when searching for and applying for a job online, many prospective employees will search for a position that offers to telecommute, especially in today’s uncertain times.¬†Seriously, what could be better than staying in your jammies and working from […]