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The Ultimate Gift-Giving Guide for Bosses

Christmas is fast approaching. Okay, it’s tomorrow. And hopefully, you got your employees something meaningful, fabulous and something they’ll never forget, all while maintaining appropriate HR compliance boundaries. That sounds like a tall order, but in reality, employees are not that hard to please. Think Outside the Box In a survey of employees, the overwhelming […]

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How to Find the Best Place to Work (for You)!

Many businesses tout that they have the best work environment, best benefits, best vacation policy and more.So how do you determine the best place to work? This may sound old fashioned, but get out a piece of paper, a pen and make a list. Number your page one through five and then list the number […]

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The History of Labor Day: Then and Now

Sure, Labor Day is a great day for a backyard BBQ. For some small businesses, it’s a day to offer discounts and rake in some profits. But do you know the origins and history of Labor Day, and why we really celebrate the holiday? Who Founded Labor Day? There’s some controversy over who exactly founded […]