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The Ultimate Gift-Giving Guide for Bosses

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Christmas is fast approaching. Okay, it’s tomorrow. And hopefully, you got your employees something meaningful, fabulous and something they’ll never forget, all while maintaining appropriate HR compliance boundaries.

That sounds like a tall order, but in reality, employees are not that hard to please.

Think Outside the Box

In a survey of employees, the overwhelming response about receiving gifts from bosses was that it should be a surprise, something out of the ordinary and it doesn’t need to be expensive.

One woman said that she received words of praise along with a poinsettia. It wasn’t an expensive gift, but it was very meaningful because of the words that came along with the flowers.

Another woman said that the best experience she’s ever had with a job was when the boss closed the office early for a day and took everyone up to a local resort town with gift cards for shopping and a time to meet back for lunch. She said that though it’s been years since that experience, she’s never forgotten that wonderful surprise.

Make Gifts Personal While Respecting HR Compliance

Something to keep in mind is who your employees are. Get them something personal this year. Do you have a golf nut on your team? Get them golf passes. Have a fashion-lover? Get a gift card to a trendy department store. Just remember to keep gifts appropriate and within the confines of HR compliance to avoid any legal issues.

One employee remembered a time when she was 19 years old working in an office setting. She was unmarried, still living at home with her parents and yet her boss gave her a glass serving platter that he gave the other women in the department. It was a lame gift in her mind, something she wouldn’t use for years and definitely not thought out at all.

Gifts should be thoughtful if given at all. That is the number one thing survey respondents said regarding gifts. So put some thought into those employees you hired to make their Christmas the very merriest! Employee satisfaction and high office morale are the gifts you’ll surely earn in return.

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