Calling the Newspaper: Hire a New Editor!

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Unrolling the local Saturday newspaper, I read no further than two sentences. Barely through my first sip of java, my fingers begin to contort, seeking the comfort of a red pen. My brain goes into primitive 80s robotic mode, “Error. Error.” Finding a red pen, my spasmodic grip loosens and I begin to edit the paper. Misspellings blind me, followed by the misuse of contractions, lack of gender-neutral language, incorrect formatting and absence of punctuation. The apology for misspelling names is simply unprofessional. A seasoned editor should demand accuracy from every reporter, not requests for forgiveness at the end of their exclusives. This is not an elementary school publication, but a professional career where reporters and an editor are receiving paychecks and benefits.

I call the local newspaper, but unfortunately, their “seasoned editor” does not seem interested in listening to constructive criticism. As a former Human Resources Manager, I find this more than off-putting. Managers and employees should want to grow, learn from their mistakes and flourish in their jobs. When a manager or employee has a closed-mind – controlling the big news stories that favor their friends’ accomplishments, while sacrificing editing and basic grammar for social parties, it is part of a bigger problem. Simply stated: the publisher has a bad apple. Unfortunately, these unpleasant, rotten apple seeds spread and cause poor work habits. This is not easy to contain and the ultimate resolution for close-minded managers or employees that produce sub-par articles, have poor customer service and continually lose publishing business is to fire them.

This is where Ninja Gig comes in. Companies can customize job applications, while tracking applicants. Featuring an unlimited number of questions, businesses that require applicants to have excellent English, grammar, spelling, AP, Oxford English or Chicago Style writing skills can easily ask questions, which helps narrow down the pool of qualified applicants.

Businesses are able to try our complete employment application system. There is no risk for signing up with Ninja Gig, as we offer a complimentary 14-day FREE trial. Unlike many job application companies, employers are not locked into any contracts and can cancel anytime without incurring any penalties. Excellent management that plants productive, healthy seeds will help a company grow over the years. This improves bottom-line revenues, boosts sales and gives companies more respect within communities.