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Combat Restaurant Turnover Now Part 2 of 2

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Our last article highlighted the first three ways you can combat restaurant turnover: implement a solid hiring process, provide employees with adequate training and reward and recognition for standout employees.

This article will explore an additional two ways that restaurants can help boost their employee retention rates.

  • Advancement Opportunities – If you want employees to stay with you long-term, it’s vital to make sure that top performers have the opportunity to advance within the company. Employees need to visualize a future with a restaurant to want to stay working there. Identify top performers and consider giving them the following responsibilities to avoid high restaurant turnover:
    • Training – If an employee stands out as a born leader, let him/her train new employees.
    • Filling In – Top performers can easily fill in if the manager is absent. They could also be promoted to shift manager or head trainer.
    • Second Locations – Stand out employees can help start and manage new locations. Consider rewarding an employee that is a strong team player and has a positive attitude.

Don’t just show employees that hard work pays off, show them that their efforts do not go unnoticed.

  • Investigate Turnover – Instead of assuming restaurant turnover is for one specific reason, it is better to investigate and find out more detailed information.
    • Exit Interview – For example, interview departing employees in an exit interview and ask them about their working experience and also where the restaurant has room for improvement. This information can prove very insightful.
    • POS Reports – Analyze Employee Shift Reports to determine if employees receive too few or too many hours. Too few means you can probably consider decreasing the size of your staff. Too many and you need to hire additional employees to avoid burnout.

By implementing the five points discussed in articles one and two, you can help turn your restaurant around and avoid costly high turnover rates.

Learn more about how consistent training can keep Millennials engaged at work.

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