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Hiring – Luck of the Draw?

Ever hired someone who was stellar in the interview process but come to find out you made a horrible mistake? Surprisingly, this happens quite often, but why? There are many reasons why your new employee got hired but turned out to be a dud. Maybe you didn’t perform due diligence with reference & background checks. Or, maybe the candidate plainly lied during the interview. Regardless, you are in a tough situation. So, what do you do?

Here are some important questions to ask. Are your expectations reasonable for the new employee? Is the issue related to their personality or their ability to get work done? The old saying “skills can be learned, but personality can’t” especially holds true in the work place. If the primary issue with the employee is personality conflict, you may be best to part ways.

If you feel like you need to let an employee go, don’t delay. I read once that a firm gave a new employee 30 days to prove themselves, and they weren’t afraid to immediately get rid of people who didn’t work out. At the end of the day, you are responsible to protect the company at all costs, even if it means letting someone go quickly.

Finally, check yourself. Some people might be great employees, and you might be the problem. Maybe you are a perfectionist and no one will make you happy. If you find yourself in this situation, you have some growing up to do.