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How to Hire a Ninja

When we talk about hiring a ninja, we definitely don’t mean hiring a sword-wielding, nunchuck waving, fierce assassin…that would be awkward for everyone, not to mention a real liability in the workplace.

A ninja is precise.  A ninja is specialized.  A ninja has legendary abilities.  A ninja will get the job done.

Every company needs ninjas working for them.  The question is:  How do you go about finding a ninja?

There is a definite trend in employment applications.  The trend is that more and more people (a.k.a. ninjas) are heading online to fill out applications and find a job.  These ninjas are stealthy, they know where to look to find the best job, they want ease of application and they want employment pronto.

Ninjas, or the best qualified applicants, look for a straightforward online application.  Nothing complicated.  Fast.  Clean.  Precise.

Three Keys to Hiring a Ninja include:

  1. Karate Chop your Job Descriptions – Do your job descriptions pop?  Are they specific enough?  Are they using key words that will attract the ninja you need?  If not, you need to rewrite, revamp and give them a good “hi-yah” and make them say what you want them to say and attract who you want to attract.
  2. Power your Website Up and Keep Those Jobs Current – Ninjas are turned off by outdated information and less than stellar online applications.  Get your no-contract website with up right now and start attracting ninjas.  Your job postings are never inter-mingled with other companies and you will attract the type of ninja you need in a flash.
  3. Track those Stealthy Ninjas – sometimes ninjas creep in and are a little too stealthy when applying for jobs.  Those too stealthy ninjas are ones we don’t want – job applicants with a past that is a little shady or ones that have embellished their resumes.  Do your homework, check social media sites for their profiles and ask for and check those references. Everytime.

Happy Ninja Hiring and may Good Karma Rest Upon your Company.