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Harnessing the Power of Online Job Descriptions for Job Posting Sites

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If you’ve ever written a job description for a company, you know that it can be challenging and even awkward. How do you capture someone’s attention and make them want to apply for an online job posting on job posting websites with boring bullet points and a list of mundane tasks and duties? On top of that, small businesses compete with corporations to attract top-quality candidates, and many smaller companies have minimal budgets and even smaller human resources teams. Small companies must establish trust to gain applicants’ attention, something corporations have by name association. 

Here are some tips for making job descriptions stand out online.

  • Use the Internet – Using the internet to your marketing advantage is a smart move. Make sure that your company’s website has a “Join Our Team” page. While you can use affordable online recruitment software, such as Ninja Gig, to advertise online, directing people to learn more about your company is essential. Always post your job openings on your website and social media pages, bringing jobs to loyal followers’ attention.
  • Job Title – The job title is essential when posting a job application online. Make sure that titles are SEO friendly and include a mix of keywords, benefits and location. A great example is “Social Media Marketing Manager — Full-Time — Seattle, WA — Excellent Benefits”
  • Advertise on Multiple Job Boards – Don’t limit your online job posting to one board. Use a site, such as Ninja Gig, which disperses and posts your job posting to multiple big-name job posting websites such as Indeed, Zip Recruiter and more.
  • Easy Applications – Making it easy to apply is essential. If you have a questionnaire for candidates that takes thirty minutes to complete before finalizing their job application, the chances are that you will receive few applicants. The application process and the job posting speak volumes about your company and the culture.
  • Get Their Attention – Reports show that you have between three to five seconds to capture a candidate’s attention. Don’t only include rules and requirements in the job description. Remember, you’re selling them on the job and why they should work for your company. Write about the positive things in your company culture that will attract them and make them want to work for you. 
  • What’s In It For Them – Remember that all job candidates want to know what’s in it for them. Most people are passive job seekers, meaning they’re already employed, so unless an excellent job description stands out, chances are they won’t bother applying. 
  • Management Team – Most people don’t leave jobs because of the actual work, but because of the atmosphere and management teams. If your management team expects employees to work late hours and weekends, be honest upfront. This will help you immediately weed out any candidates that aren’t in it for the long haul, saving you valuable time and money. 
  • Legalities and Technicalities – We know that job descriptions have to list drug screening requirements, EEO information, background checks and more. Still, those legal details won’t draw in applicants, so place that information at the bottom of the job description.
  • Call to Action – Most importantly, don’t forget to add a call to action to the job description on job posting websites. Surprisingly, most job descriptions don’t tell job seekers what they should do next. By adding simply “Apply Online,” and limiting pre-screening questions to a reasonable number, you can attract far more applicants. 

Need more tips for writing the perfect job description? Check out “Harvard Business Review.” 

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