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Three Signs You Hired a Bad Employee

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There are amazing charitable organizations that hire employees that are not just sub-par, but they are bullies down to the deepest recesses of their cores. They may be nice to their bosses’ faces, but these are just acts. When they break out the red Satan costumes, complete with devil horns, tiny little skirts and pointed red snake tails for Halloween, they are expressing their true inner-souls. If they have souls, they burn with the embers of hell and their double-edge tongues are capable of bringing people to their knees, leaving them in tears. How can you handle a bad employee?

How can a charitable organization determine when they have not only hired a bad employee, but a rotten seed that is bound to destroy their entire crop? Here are some telltale signs:

  1. References – Their references seem coerced, rehearsed and almost overly eager to leave glowing recommendations. However, they also keep conversations brief and do not make unnecessary chitchat. This is because if they do not give superb recommendations, their teeth will likely end up scattered across parking lots. Another telltale sign is in-person references. Sweaty foreheads, hands and armpit stains are all indicative signs that someone is uncomfortable. Pay attention to body language, nervous laughter or other signs that someone may not be at ease providing a reference.
  2. Drama – Soon after hiring an employee, you notice there is a lot of office drama and politics. Bullies usually always deflect drama away from themselves, because they learn from an early age that nothing is their fault, nor will they accept responsibility for their actions. Hiring an employee that has a negative attitude or treats other employees poorly will soon cause strife within the office. Before long, solid and hardworking employees will begin looking for other jobs. This is when bullies begin recommending their friends for jobs, so they can have their own social clique at work.
  3. Control – Bullies want to control every aspect of their work and social environments. For example, I called a charitable organization to report that one of their charitable recipients was facing embezzlement charges. Once you upset a bully, they simply do not play by the rules. They will do anything in their power to not follow an organization’s strict guidelines. In this case, felons are not to receive benefits. However, bullies have psychological issues, believing they are far above the laws. They make their own rules on a case-by-case basis. In this situation, I will never contribute to this charitable organization again while this bully remains employed there. Bullies actually detour people from contributing to charities.

The bottom line is that charities need to make sure their organizations present a positive public image. If they hire bullies, this negative publicity puts their charitable work in jeopardy.

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