Employee Retention Morale

To Party or Not to Party?

As Christmas approaches, many employers have a hard time deciding how to appropriately thank and honor their employees, in a budget-conscious way of course!

Many employees have recently reported that the annual Christmas party has been given the ax…much to their relief and happiness.

Christmas parties can be morale boosting experiences, or they can be pure torture.  Plan it well and it will serve to benefit your business and keep your employees happy.  If the Christmas party is an unbreakable tradition, then at least keep it appropriate by inviting spouses or even making it a family experience.

One employee recalls year after year of watching her married CEO get plastered at the annual Christmas party and then proceed to hit on his female employees with reckless abandon.

So if you do cancel the company Christmas party, or even if you still have a party, there is still the question of what to get the employees for Christmas.

Clarence Darrow wrote a response to a similar question by simply stating, “My dear woman, … ever since the Phoenicians invented money there has been only one answer to that question.”

In a recent survey, employees overwhelmingly favored getting cash for Christmas than having a party or receiving any other kind of gift.

Cash can seem a very cold way to tell someone thank you, so if you go this route, be sure to make it personal.  Write out a card.  Tell the employee what you appreciate about them.  Cite specific examples of how they benefited the company in the past year.

Christmas should be a warm, happy time and your words of appreciation and praise will go a lot further to ensure employee happiness than any amount of cash ever will.