Hiring Tips

What Younger Workers Have to Offer

In a previous post, we talked about hiring more mature employees and what they can bring to the workplace.

On the flipside, younger employees also bring a different energy to the workplace and may just be the shot of adrenaline your business needs.

Younger employees sometimes get a bad rap due to supposed immaturity, irresponsibility and lack of discipline.  While this can be true in some instances, there is a lot to be said for bringing younger employees into your business.

Here is a top FIVE list of reasons why younger employees are an asset to any business:

1.  New, Fresh Ideas – workers that are fairly fresh out of college bring the latest industry ideas and information to the workplace.  They have been educated with ideas that are fresh and they can, in turn, bring those ideas into your business.

2.  Energy – let’s face it –  younger workers probably don’t have the stresses and time constraints that older workers have.  They are young, they have energy and can bring that into your business to infuse it with that extra “oomph” it might need.

3.  They are Responsible – we don’t buy into the idea that young people are irresponsible.  We believe that younger workers know how to work and know how precious employment is in this job market.  If expectations are given at the very beginning, employees (even younger ones) will rise to the challenge.

4.  Creativity – younger workers bring a lot of “outside the box” ideas to companies.  They have grown up in a different age than many of the other workers and they know social media, technology and new innovations backwards and forwards, inside and out.  They can come up with creative solutions faster than anyone else.

5.  Money – in a business, money is king and drives most decision-making.  Luckily for hiring managers, these younger workers don’t expect (or demand) salaries as high as some of their more mature counterparts.  If budgeting is a key concern when hiring someone, younger workers, fresh out of school might be the way to go.

Note to Younger Workers:  If you want a “grown-up” job, then always, always (did we mention always?) dress for the part.  Don’t dress down for interviews – always dress like a professional…not a professional on casual Fridays.