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Why Employees Love These Popular Job Perks

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Employees love job perks. I’m not talking about the traditional perks, such bonuses, vacation time, flex-time, etc. Of course, employees want those types of benefits. They’re pretty standard in today’s society. What I’m exploring are the fun, exciting and edgy job perks that draw employees to companies.

When I was a Human Resources Manager in Seattle, I worked for a company that had season tickets to the Seahawks, Sonics (ouch … I’m showing my age) and the Mariners. We would rotate these tickets and give them out as “employee of the month” and birthday benefits. It was a fun way to boost employee morale and let them have a day or evening with friends or loved ones.

One company I worked for even held special events for Valentine’s Day and would purchase group tickets to hockey games. It was a great way for people at work to let loose, get to know one another and have fun.

Companies can even tap into other types of events for employees that are not interested in sports. Consider purchasing group tickets to Broadway plays, concerts, comedy shows or other touring talents that come to town.

Here are some other awesome perks that attract employees:

  • Free Food – Employees love anything that is free, but they especially love food because it curbs those annoying hangry pains. Businesses may want to consider having lunch catered every Friday. It can be simple, nothing more than sandwiches and platters of brownies, but consider how much fun it is for employees not to have to battle lunch crowds once a week. Did you know that employees that have access to free snacks and food report a higher rate of job satisfaction? It’s true! Job contentment rates increase by 11% when employers offer complimentary food.
  • Massages – Employers can combat stress on the job by hiring a massage therapist to come in bi-monthly. What benefits does massage have? It decreases absenteeism, boosts productivity, decreases health insurance claims and is proven to increase workplace morale.
  • Educational Events – Consider hosting a “Lunch and Learn” session that explores issues that are important to employees, such as their health, financial savings plans and fitness goals.
  • Childcare – If you’re a large employer, take a cue from Starbucks, Google and AOL and offer onsite discount daycare programs for employees only. Parents worry less about their children when they know they’re closer to them so help put their minds at ease. Another option is to consider hosting a quarterly “Parents Night Out,” where employees can drop off their kids, go out, enjoy themselves and pick them up after a few hours.
  • Pet Walking – Seattle is known for people bringing their pets to work, but how do employees accomplish their tasks with their pets by their side? It’s easy. Some companies hire a complimentary pet-walking service that takes pets to a local park twice daily. In fact, employers that are pet-friendly attract and retain more employees.

Explore more popular employee job perks.

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