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2017 Industry Buzzwords You Need to Know NOW

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We’re all familiar with industry slang and industry buzzwords. It’s how “synergy,” “think outside the box” and “value-added” became part of our everyday conversations. This year we’ve tapped into some new industry buzzwords that will be making their way into businesses nationwide. If you want to stay on top of industry trends, you need to learn these buzzwords NOW.

  • Push Tolerance – The definition of this word is testing the capacity of an idea, strategy or theory to endure and survive resistance. It is formed by combining two phrases: “pushback,” which means an unfavorable or negative response and “fault tolerance,” which means the ability to survive failure.
  • Amplify – Instead of saying, “improve,” the new word this year is “amplify.” Get it right and learn to use your “Find and Replace” feature in Word.
  • Kill Chain – Instead of saying “strategy,” the latest word phrase is “kill chain,” which highlights the “Four F’s” of attack – Find, Fix, Fight and Finish. Kill Chain isn’t used to describe a corporate strategy, but what it takes to achieve a specific goal.
  • Return on Relationship (ROR) – Everyone in business knows the term Return on Investment (ROI), but this year’s focus is on nurturing and harvesting relationships from loyal customers, hence Return on Relationship.
  • Storytelling – Whether it’s on social media or blogs, storytelling is HOT this year. It’s the most popular way for a company to convey their values and ideologies. Storytelling is also one of the best ways to motivate employees and teams to achieve success. This year will focus on visualizing stories and feeling the emotions behind messages.
  • Intrapreneur – This word defines company leaders that change a company with a stand-alone project.

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