Star Wars … The Mismanagement of an Empire

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I was so excited to see the continuation to “Star Wars” after a 32-year hiatus that I booked tickets two months in advance. I sat in the theater, watching Kylo Ren in 3D, who now leads the Stormtroopers. The Stormtroopers did not dare to disobey Ren, as they exhibited a lemming-like fear to defy his inhumane orders. I suddenly had this monumental, thundering thought, “How can we stop bullies in the workplace?”

While “Star Wars” revolves around science fiction, no one wants dictators going about any workplace, creating fear, strife and emotional turmoil. An unhealthy workplace is a setup for disaster – one that kills workplace comradery and healthy teamwork.

Ninja Gig offers job applicant tracking that offers customizable questions. This allows businesses to feature any questions they can think of, including subtle questions that can shed light on the signs of bullying. This can include revealing employee-related problems with deceit, intimidation, isolation/exclusion, diversion, undermining work, pitting employees against each other, constantly changing reactions, mood swings, withholding information, taking credit for other employees’ work and making employees feel useless.

Other overt signs of bullying including aggression, coercion, punishment, revenge, threats, offensive communication, blocking growth or advancement, belittling and many more types of “revenge.”

In “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” just like his predecessor Darth Vader, Kylo Ren has come to exhibit all the signs of being a bully. He treats the Stormtroopers with no respect and exhibits severe mood swings.

To help find the ideal applicants for jobs – and avoid bullies in the workplace – try our complete employment application system. There is no risk signing up for Ninja Gig, as it offers a complimentary 14-day FREE trial. Employers are not locked into any contracts and can cancel anytime without incurring any penalties. The benefits of having a bully-free workplace are well worth the extra effort and your employees will thank you.