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The Benefits of Tracking Turnover in the Food Service Industry

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The foodservice industry experiences a sky-high turnover rate, resting around 75 percent in 2019. To help combat high restaurant turnover, Ninja Gig has analyzed some practical tools for tackling this dilemma head-on.

Restaurants should have interview guides for each food service position, which includes a variety of questions about employee’s knowledge, skills, availability, previous experience, job accomplishments and personal attributes. Interviewers should take thorough notes when interviewing applicants and pay special attention to applicants’ personality traits, which include their communication skills and their enthusiasm for the job.

Applicants should also be given a clear job description, so they know what is expected from them, which can help reduce high restaurant turnover. Consider adding these questions to your online job application and in-person interviews:

  1. What do you consider a significant project or accomplishment in your career? This is a great way to start a conversation with an applicant. Remember to ask specific questions as the candidate talks, focusing on how he/she interacts with others and his/her work habits.
  2. If you are offered this job, and you accept it, you are happy with the position and your salary, what type of offer from another company would make you consider leaving? Employee loyalty is vital, especially since the foodservice industry has such a high turnover rate. This question gives employers insight into what is important to employees – self-satisfaction, happiness or money.
  3. What tasks do you not like? Providing insight into a candidate’s personality, employers should look for tasks that are part of the job description. This will help eliminate potential candidates that are likely to leave and find new employment, reducing high restaurant turnover.
  4. Tell me about something that occurred at work that didn’t go the way you wanted? Responses generally fall into three categories: the opportunity for growth, blame or self-deprecation. If prospective employees point fingers or respond indignantly, it’s best to think twice before extending an employment offer.
  5. If we offer you the job and in a year, we are sitting here celebrating, what did we work to achieve together? This question will highlight if the applicant has done his/her homework about your company and if he/she understands the available position.
  6. Why have you had so many jobs over the last several years? Moving beyond employment dates can help uncover a candidate’s career progression, why he/she changes employers and what can motivate him/her to stay long-term. It’s important to weed out applicants that may contribute to high restaurant turnover.
  7. What is the most effective way to manage you? This will show if a candidate understands the essential keys to his/her success. It will also highlight the amount of supervision he/she requires, communication styles and effective rewards, which allows you to determine if he/she is a good fit for your existing team.

Ninja Gig features the ease of online job applications, which can help streamline traditional paperwork within the foodservice industry. Applicants can quickly complete online employment applications and employers can manage these applications during the employment process. Sign up today for our FREE 14-day trial!