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Tips for Interviewing and Rehiring Employees and Cleaning Staff

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If you have a cleaning company, chances are that you know the challenges of keeping and maintaining good housekeeping staff. Furthermore, if you’re like many small businesses right now, you’re probably in the process of rehiring employees. If you fear a mountain of paper applications and what types of questions you can’t ask, Ninja Gig is here to help you simplify your interview process so you can find the right talent for your company during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Examples of Interview Questions When Rehiring Employees

Here are some examples of interview questions and how to phrase them.

  • Illegal: How many sick days did you take last year?
    • Legal: How many days of work did you miss last year?
  • Illegal: Do you have a vehicle?
    • Legal: How will you get to work?
  • Illegal: Have you ever been arrested?
    • Legal: Have you ever been convicted of theft or fraud?

Here are some different, yet insightful examples of interview questions to ask potential applicants.

  • What type of books do you like to read? – This question can help you gauge an applicant’s hobbies and social activities without directly asking.
  • What was the last movie you saw on TV or in the theater? – This gives insight into their personal preferences and hobbies. If they give details about the movie, it shows that they have comprehension skills that may prove valuable when taking directions.
  • Tell me about yourself. – This measures how well an applicant does when put on the spot as well as how detailed they are in answering the question. Avoidant personalities may try to ask, “What would you like to know?” but that is not the question in this exercise.
  • What types of clubs or activities did you do when you were younger? – Children that are involved in activities may grow up to have a better work ethic. In this exercise, you are looking for team sports or groups, such as 4-H Club, etc.

Other examples of interview tips include:

  • Telephone Calls – Conduct the initial interview via telephone. This can help eliminate applicants before they even see you face to face. Remember that applicants need to earn interviews. Even a three-minute conversation may be enough to ensure that the conversation is understandable and that the applicant is serious about applying for the position.
  • Interviewing in Groups – One benefit to interviewing in groups is that you can conduct your initial interviews in one session, which is excellent for time management. Additionally, followers in groups will chime in, “That’s what I was going to say.” These activities can also establish leaders and followers when identifying potential applicants’ personality types.
  • Meals – Interviewing the final round of applicants over breakfast or lunch is also a good option because you can see their manners and etiquette firsthand.

By employing these helpful examples of interview questions and tips in your next recruitment session, you can easily identify qualified housecleaning candidates for your company.

Learn more about rehiring employees and cleaning personnel.

Ninja Gig offers online job applications, which makes it easy to avoid a mountain of paper employment applications. Additionally, you can advertise for open housekeeping positions on your website or social media pages, while complying with all state and federal employment requirements. Sign up today for our 14-day free trial and see how easily you can improve your hiring processes.