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Explore the Latest New Hiring Trends

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Ninja Gig is seeing new hiring trends that are grabbing companies’ attention nationwide. Businesses should take note of these trends, as competitive packages can mean the difference between high or low job turnover rates.

  • Perks and Benefits – Salary increases are projected to be a mere 2.9 percent this year, which means that more prospective employees are looking to negotiate more perks and benefits into their employment packages. Among these new hiring trends, anticipate seeing sign-on bonuses or relocation allowances. Some employees are looking for more flexible work schedules or additional paid time off. Additional benefits may include extended maternity, family or personal leaves.
  • Boomerang Employees – More employees are considering returning to their former employers. Studies even show that some 28 percent of employees are, in fact, boomerangs. Experts anticipate that companies will begin to host virtual and in-person alumni events to help boost networking with former employees. This will help companies further build their pipeline of potential rehires. As an added bonus, rehires generally require less training and are already familiar with company’s rules and procedures.
  • Social Media Increasing – Social media will continue to reach qualified job candidates. Recruiters are constantly using social media to research candidates for jobs. More people will brush up their social media profiles, making themselves available to potential job opportunities that may arise. Companies will also continue to embrace online job applications, which make it easy for potential candidates to apply for open positions.
  • Employee Referral Programs – Companies are beginning to embrace the benefits of word of mouth advertising. Companies are offering referral bonuses that range from $100 to $500 to former employees, friends of the company and current employees that refer potential job talent to their human resources departments.
  • Flexibility – The number of companies that offer flexible work arrangements will continue to increase. This may include flexible work hours, occasional telecommuting or virtual access to company files.

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Finally, companies are continuing to turn to digital hiring alternatives to streamline their hiring process. Options like job boards, applicant tracking systems, digital on-boarding packages, and more, allow companies of all sizes to simplify and streamline the previously burdensome task of hiring. Ninja Gig is a great option to help your company accept job applications online. The process is simple, and you can take advantage of our current 14-day free trial. Sign up today and see why online employment apps are part of the latest hiring trends.