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Growing HR Trends for 2021

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Last year, none of us could have foreseen the COVID global pandemic that has reshaped our workplace and workforce. Now, looking forward to 2021, most HR compliance trends pivot around overcoming the changes that face us not only nationally but globally.  

Here are the HR trends that we at Ninja Gig anticipate will dominate going into 2021.

Remote Work and Learning

More than 80 percent of managers are concerned about remote employee productivity. Still, according to the World Economic Forum, nearly 98 percent of employees would like to work remotely at least part-time for the duration of their careers. 

This upcoming year will likely balance finding a middle ground to keep both managers and employees satisfied while maintaining  HR compliance. 

There are many perks to working remotely, such as no commutes, flexible schedules and spending more time with family and pets. However, not all the changes have resulted in a positive work-life balance. For instance, studies show that people end up working more hours when working from home on average. After all, they feel the need always to be “on” because they can’t unplug. On average, remote workers are spending an extra 28 hours a month working, which has caused the culture of EPresenteeism

While dining room tables and kitchen bars were an excellent temporary solution for remote work, as we move into more long-term solutions, employees will need a permanent or flexible home office setup, complete with a desk and chair. 

Another struggle facing companies is ensuring that employees communicate and collaborate professionally while maintaining HR compliance, even if they aren’t in the office having as much face-to-face time for meetings and correspondence. Companies need to focus on finding a digital platform that lets people easily share communication and insights.

Employee’s Mental Health While Maintaining HR Compliance

Employee’s mental health directly links to their productivity, which is why companies of all sizes must address this unspoken epidemic in 2021. Additionally, less than half of employees feel comfortable discussing mental health.

We anticipate seeing an increase in the use of well-being apps going into 2021. Many of these apps allow employees to monitor general health, moods and sleep, and will even help guide and coach them through any issues they are facing. Not sure where to start when it comes to searching for the right mental health app for your company? Check out this helpful article from Kaiser Permanente

Companies also need to focus on employee development. Many employees worry that if they can’t produce more than usual in a remote environment, it may negatively affect their career progression. To help ease employee’s fees, make sure they continually learn new skills, and managers should let them know that they are valued and an essential part of the company’s future. 

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion With HR Compliance

While it’s always been important to have diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace, 2021 could be the most significant year for positive gains. Studies also show that having ethnic and gender diversity in the workplace can improve overall profitability. Companies need to assess what is and isn’t working in their current workplace and address what is lacking as we advance.

Work Flow

Did you know that employees spend up to 25 percent of their time searching for information to do their jobs? Then factor in how much time people spend checking and responding to emails. Astounding, right? Consider implementing a reliable project management system that gives employees access to all the data they need for projects and clients. Check out PC Mag’s list of best project management software for your organization. 


HR teams are more likely to focus on data when making decisions in 2021. This upcoming year will see a change in budgets. As workforce dynamics change, it will be challenging to convince decision-makers to spend more money on platforms, products, and strategies to help organize and keep the team’s productivity on track. It’s crucial to have data that backs up the claims to substantiate HR’s efforts. Don’t react and purchase whatever you think might help, only to abandon it a month or two later. That will dwindle employee morale. Do the research, review the data and make the best decision for your company going forward. 

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