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How to Keep Top Talent Happy at Your Work Place

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High turnaround among employees is challenging for any business. It’s time-consuming, cost-intensive and can be potentially unproductive when it comes to meeting company goals. It can also hinder a company’s reputation and the ability to keep or even hiring top talent.

There are several reasons for having a high turnaround of employees. Yet, when it becomes apparent that the front door to your business is more like “a revolving door,” perhaps take a closer look at your work environment to find the cause.

Outside of salary increases and great benefit programs, which are strong incentives to any employee, no business environment is perfect. There’s always politics, that “one employee who creates a headache for everyone,” and of course, the common stress-factor. However, establishing and maintaining a harmonious work environment may offset these challenges and put you on the road to hiring top talent. In turn, it may provide a more productive, enjoyable experience for your employees and the ability to hire and keep favorable ones.

Here are three aspects of making your work environment more enticing:

  1. Minimize Stress: Distribute Work Evenly and Recognize Weak Links – There’s a long list of things that can cause stress in the workplace, and too much work is at the top of that list. Having the luxury of a large department to handle major projects is not always feasible for many businesses. Yet, dividing responsibilities fairly among a team will alleviate some stress, especially when meeting deadlines. Realizing all your employee’s strengths and weaknesses during a project and placing them in more appropriate roles can further reduce stress, plus provide a more relaxing atmosphere for “the performers.”
  2. Address Employee-to-Employee Issues Immediately – There are several reasons for less-than-desirable relations between co-workers and can be a good reason for any good employee(s) to resign. This is an issue that always needs to be addressed, and it’s pertinent to realize that a problem exists, determine the root cause and then find a resolution immediately for both parties. In the end, it may create a more positive atmosphere for everyone involved without the issue escalating into larger problems.
  3. Recognize Achievements –There’s an old saying that “good work is always rewarded with more work.” This can become a burden for any top performer. It can make them feel they are being taken advantage of or not being properly recognized for achievements and, as a result, become disgruntled. While many large companies offer attractive bonus structures or other monetary incentives to recognize achievements, sometimes a heartfelt thank-you or other means of recognition is all it takes to make an employee feel appreciated. In fact, according to the Young Entrepreneur Council, recognition programs, implement peer-to-peer recognition, or even arranging a small celebration, off-site is all that is needed to boost morale. Although some employers don’t have it in their hearts to acknowledge good, solid work, these are all positive incentives to consider. The results may be surprising.

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