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How Ninja Gig Streamlines Your Hiring Process

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As a business owner or HR professional, there’s no better feeling in the world than hiring a talented candidate who propels your organization to the next level. But as anyone who has ever hired people knows, the process of getting there is never easy. Until now, that is. Thanks to Ninja Gig’s hiring software made easy, you can streamline your hiring process from the start. Here’s how.

Ninja Gig Removes the Technical Hurdles

Ninja Gig’s software is extremely easy to use. As part of your registration, you will automatically get your own Ninja Gig portal. We let you choose your own domain name (, and you will use that link to point applicants in the right direction.

We also enabled our software to make accepting employment applications from a mobile device a piece of cake. While some job portals are nightmares to use on mobile devices, your mobile visitors will automatically be redirected to a mobile-friendly website and still enjoy your fully-functional employment application.

It Slashes Your Pre-Screening and Review Time

In traditional recruiting, there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to review and pre-interview every candidate that crosses your desk. So we created the tools to fix this dilemma.

With our hiring software, you can create custom questions on an online job application to save you time. It takes a lot of time to both schedule and screen calls with applicants. What if you could combine the application and the screening questions into one step? With Ninja Gig, you can add unlimited, customizable screening questions directly into the application. By utilizing this tool on the application, some of our customers have dramatically slashed their review and pre-interview time for an applicant from roughly an hour per applicant to only a few minutes. 

Do away with the time-consuming paperwork! Hiring teams can rank applicants directly in the Ninja Gig portal, saving time when it comes to deciding who to invite to an interview. There’s also an electronic auto-save feature, and we offer automatic downloads of each applicant and resume, so you can spend more time hiring and less time dealing with physical paperwork.  

Post Once Hiring Software

There are too many job boards out there to manage posting on them all. With Ninja Gig your jobs are automatically published to many job boards, including Indeed, Google Jobs, Zip Recruiter and more.

You can turn this feature on and off at will, per job. Not only does this integration save you money on additional advertising costs, but it also saves you a ton of time, as you only have to create your jobs in one place, and we do the rest!

Bilingual Applications

The world is getting increasingly global. As diversity grows in the workplace, organizations need to be prepared to respond with more diverse hiring processes. With your Ninja Gig website, you can easily translate all applications into Spanish, opening the door to many more potential applicants without spending the time working on translations.

And no need to stop at Spanish! If you require additional language support, we are happy to add those other languages, thanks to Google Translate.

By signing up with Ninja Gig, companies easily promote openings using online employment applications in our hiring software. Online job applications make it easy for qualified applicants to apply. Sign up now for your free trial and get your online job applications in front of potential candidates now.