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How to Avoid a Confrontation During a Performance Review

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Performance reviews. People love ‘em or hate ‘em. Regardless, they do have a place in any corporation to ensure development and growth, recognition and even retention. However, not all performance reviews are positive experiences for managers and employees, and some can make HR compliance a challenge.

For instance, outside of job performance and growth, an employee may complain about other staff members, the overall work environment or other concerns. So, managers should listen carefully, consider how to phrase their comments (for HR compliance), be constructive, and provide suggestions on how the issue(s) can be resolved.

According to Hays Specialist Recruitment, specific steps managers can take to turn a potential confrontation into a straightforward discussion with great resolve.

Tackle Head On to Avoid HR Compliance Issues

Employees are often provided the chance to raise concerns about problems with other employees, complaints of being mistreated or issues with heavy workloads, etc. If this happens, no matter how big or small the issue, Hays suggests that managers should be astute, tackle the issues head-on and avoid the employee from dwelling too much on the problem at hand.

Find the Source of the Problem

If some of the employee’s comments are surprising, it’s always best to ask them for some examples. It’s also important to read between the lines and try to get to the issue’s source. Better yet, ask the employee to try to resolve the issue themselves before providing answers to their problems.

Resolve the Issue

One key aspect to remember is it’s not always necessary to decide if the employee is right or wrong. Perhaps try to reach a solution that satisfies both the employer and the employee. According to the University of Berkley Human Resources, “looking first for needs, rather than solutions, is a powerful tool for generating a win/win option.” This couldn’t further from the truth. Once you understand the advantages of their solutions, you better know their needs and how to meet them so you can resolve problems while staying within the confines of HR compliance.

Learn more about not sugarcoating performance reviews.

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