Job Application Template

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If you are online searching for a job application template for your company’s employment opportunities, stop and think for just a minute. You are online searching for a template for a paper application. Seems kind of silly, don’t you think?

You may be looking to personalize your own job application for your company because some of the standard forms just don’t work for your business. Or, you may be trying to save on expensive printing costs. Regardless of your motivation in searching for an application form template, think for a minute about the costs involved with accepting paper applications.  Besides the paper and printing costs, a much larger cost is time.  Think about how much time is spent in handing out, collecting, perusing, categorizing and managing paper job applications. I’d be willing to be you spend hundreds (or more) of dollars per month with your current application process.

Welcome to the digital age, where even the most tedious of tasks can now be handled electronically, including job applications. So, stop searching for a sample employment application form template, and go digital!

For much less than what you are currently spending on your paper process, and definitely, for much less than our competitors, you can streamline the hiring process with Ninja Gig. And, with our 14-day free trial, you will have plenty of time to get comfortable with our services. Go ahead and sign up for a free trial today; you have nothing to lose (except paper cuts)!

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