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How to Automatically Post to Major Job Boards

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One of the primary benefits of Ninja Gig’s proprietary job posting software is that included in our low, flat-rate monthly fee, every online job posting can automatically publish on major job boards.

Got your attention yet?

That’s right. We said that every time you post jobs online using Ninja Gig’s job posting software, you have the option to automatically push your job posting to a variety of other popular job search engines.

What job boards does Ninja Gig’s job posting software automatically post to?

It’s easy to syndicate your jobs online. When you start a new job posting online, select, “Yes, publish this job to job boards.” There’s nothing more for you to do but sit back and see the resumes come rolling in within the next 24 hours. Additionally, sign up for notifications, and you’ll receive an email every time you receive a completed job application and resume from qualified candidates.

So if your online recruitment is lacking and could use an infused pick-me-up that is affordable and saves your HR team time, consider the benefits of Ninja Gig. Our robust job posting software is one of the best employer job posting sites online.

If you’re interested in learning more, sign up today for our FREE 14-day, no-obligation trial!