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Learning How to Hire and Manage Teams in a Post Pandemic Era

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One of the significant changes from the COVID-19 pandemic is businesses having to create remote work cultures. While some jobs will always be required to be onsite, many companies realize that remote employees are just as productive as those in the office full-time. Let’s dive in and analyze the best ways to manage teams post-pandemic, including what job posting software can help you locate the best talent for your organization moving forward. 

Robert Half completed a survey of more than 1,000 workers and found that only one in four employees miss being at the office full-time. On the other hand, one in three employees said they would begin looking for a new job if they were required to come back to the office full-time. 

As we enter the world post-pandemic, employers find themselves in a precarious situation: how do they balance employee’s preferences while creating a good re-entry plan? 

Ninja Gig has put together some helpful tips to assist you in getting your office back open.

Significant Office Changes Are Required Post-Pandemic

When you finally reopen your business’ doors, it’s not simply a matter of letting everyone in and continuing work as usual. We survived a pandemic, but it also means that you need to take safeguarding measures to ensure the health of your employees. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) have recently updated recommendations and guidelines to help employers safely and effectively open their businesses and offices. Check their websites regularly for additional information to make sure that your business complies.

Employers should also focus on addressing any concerns that employees may have, as it can be overwhelming to be back in the office and around coworkers again regularly. Companies should clearly state what safety measures they are taking to promote workers’ health while remembering that transparent, continuous communication is critical to making employees feel comfortable.

Embracing New Ways to Manage Hybrid Workforces

Most managers have learned how to manage remote workforces over the last year, but managing hybrid teams also comes with challenges. Here are three tips to successfully managing a hybrid workforce in the future.

  1. Stay Connected – Help employees stay connected by asking employees which technology tools help or hinder their communication. When holding video calls and remote meetings, make sure to summarize information and key takeaway points, so everyone is on the same page.
  2. Promote Remote Nonwork Conversations – Encourage both remote and onsite employees to interact with each other not just as teammates but as people. Whether your organization uses Slack or Zoom to have informal chats or share stories, make sure to engage employees with fun team-building exercises. 
  3. Look For Signs of Disconnect – Keep in mind that some remote employees may feel unincluded or left out if part of the team returns to the office and some continue to remain working from home. Look for signs that employees are struggling, such as decreased interest, lack of communication or missed deadlines.

Remain Flexible When Managing Teams

To effectively manage and direct projects for people working both in an office and at home, managers need strong creative thinking and coordination skills, as well as the ability to pivot and adapt. 

Access to Top Talent With Job Posting Software

Millions of Americans are unemployed or under-employed right now, which means that the labor pool is high. If your company is hiring remote employees, you likely have access to an endless collection of top talent if you remove geographic barriers. Ninja Gig is a premier job posting software that can help you post to multiple job boards at once, further expanding your reach to qualified candidates. 

Get Help Hiring With Job Posting Software

If you’re hiring, you may be seeing a high number of applications and wondering how to organize everything for HR. Ninja Gig has an advanced Applicant Tracking System in our portal that lets you rate applicants, review their skills, contact them directly and even see applicants that didn’t finish completing the application. After all, you never know if someone started filling out an application and then stopped because they were hesitant about looking for a new job. We’ve talked to a lot of our clients and they rave about this helpful feature. Additionally, Ninja Gig will push all your job applications to dozens of popular job boards, including Indeed, Jooble, Monster and more – all included in our low monthly rate.

Focus on Retaining Top Talent

As the job market begins to recover, your best employees may be the target of other employers. To prevent turnover so you can retain your best talent in 2021 and going well into 2022, consider implementing the following:

  • Fair Wages – Make sure to pay your top performers well. If you fail to meet or exceed what other employers are paying, you are at risk of losing your most valuable employees.
  • Flexibility – Allowing a range of working hours is one of employees’ most desirable return-to-office wish list items. 
  • Employee Wellness – It can be challenging and hard to work from home, especially for employees that have never had remote jobs pre-pandemic. Consider offering stress management, mind-body and relaxation webinars and seminars to help them cope during these challenging times.
  • Workers’ Preferences – Many employees will be looking for employers to help offer more relaxed dress codes and helping with commuting expenses once offices fully open again. 

Remember That Going Back to Work Is Different For Every Employee

While the process and timeline for having employees return to the office vastly vary by company, make sure to listen to employees and consider having them not return to the office until they’re ready. Listening and valuing their feels can help boost their morale and increase their long-term loyalty to your organization. 

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