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Fact Checking Journalist Blunders

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Opening the newspaper, the gripping headlines of the latest non-profit housing article seem standard on the surface. As I read the article, I soon contort my face in horror. This article was not fact-checked and full of slanderous comments against many upstanding community officials. This begs the question: are local journalists able to abide by their journalistic oath and present a fair and unbiased article these days?

The journalist refused to print a retraction, even though she failed to fact-check her article. Ultimately, an upstanding member of the community was forced to write a letter to the Editor to clarify the errors, omissions and inaccuracies. However, was this not the responsibility of the reporter to publicly correct her own errors, especially when they take a journalistic oath?

When using employment software, such as Ninja Gig, employers can ask ethical and moral questions that can contribute to employment-related decisions.

This can include asking questions about reporting news stories that may conflict with moral and personal beliefs, but focus purely on news and fact related stories.

Journalists’ priories need to focus on reporting the news, not personal agendas. Ninja Gig can help eliminate potential journalist candidates that are not able to meet the necessary qualifications for specific jobs.

Screening candidates is an essential component of any job, especially when it can put employers on the line for legality issues. The saying that “any press is good press,” is simply not true. In cases like this, straightforward news reporting is the best policy and hiring professional journalists helps to retain dedicated readers.

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