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Is There an Evil Side to Going Digital?

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Going digital for your online job applications isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. In fact, there are quite a few drawbacks to accepting employment apps digitally, and we have spent the time to outline the evil side of going digital for your online hiring needs.

  1. No more paper. When you decide to start hiring online, you are no longer able to enjoy the touch and feel of thousands of sheets of paper crossing your delicate fingers as you sort through and try to find the perfect candidate. Instead of hiring online, you should continue to use paper. Besides, there are plenty of trees available.
  2. Free time. Now that you are accepting online job applications, you will have a bunch of extra time on your hands. Yes, rather than spending the time handing out applications, accepting applications, sorting and filing job applications, you will have a ton of time that you will have to find something else to do. So, instead of paper, you will now find yourself on Facebook all day comparing your life to your friends, wishing you had such an exciting life as they did.
  3. Weight gain. Because you are going to be saving a ton of money in printing costs (not to mention the cost of your time), you are going to have extra money on your hands, which will lead to you eating out at the local buffet more often, which will, in turn, lead to weight gain.
  4. A clean desk. You thrive on chaos, stacks of paper, disorder, and all-around anarchy. When you start accepting online job applications, your desk will be clear, and your mind will be free. You won’t know what to do with yourself, especially as your clean desk starts to collect dust, dust that previously didn’t gather because of the constant paper shuffle.

Explore the benefits of accepting applications online.

As you can see, you are much better at never going digital. Keep accepting paper applications, my friend! However, if you still feel like you need to accept job applications online, I guess you can sign up for one of our free trials, but we’re certain you will cancel quickly, so you can go back to a mountain of paperwork and working massive amounts of overtime.