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How to Prevent Workplace Violence Now

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Experts believe that these tough economic times could be responsible for an increase in workplace violence. As a Human Resources Manager, you can help detour and prevent workplace violence by implementing these important elements in your prevention plan.

  1. Screen Applicants – A company’s single best way to prevent workplace violence is to heavily screen applicants. Require applicants to provide both professional and personal references. Always interview applicants face-to-face to help gauge temperament. When calling references, always ask about their impressions of the applicant. Prevention is the key to avoiding workplace violence.
  2. Create an Anti-Violence Policy – Develop a tough policy that doesn’t blend in with other section of the employee handbook. Make sure employees know that you have zero tolerance for workplace violence.
  3. Train Employees – Train employees to take threats seriously and to bring them to management’s attention. Usually, coworkers will see that someone is becoming violent before a situation occurs. By training employees to spot violence and report it, you could be saving lives.
  4. Crisis Management Team – Consider having six to eight employees take crisis management coaching. This can include members of HR, security personnel, legal staff and at least one senior management official. This team acts as coaches, helping to detour violence.
  5. Publicize, Publicize, Publicize – Use email, meetings and newsletters as opportunities to spread that your organization has a zero-tolerance workplace violence policy. Make sure employees know how to contact members of the crisis management team or when they should call 911.

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Ninja Gig offers employers the ability to accept online job applications. Employers can also include sections for background reports, which can help detour people with violent histories from being inadvertently hired by companies. While background checks may not be the definitive source for spotting violent behavior, they can give employers a glimpse into applicants’ pasts. Sign up today!