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Should I Provide a Spanish Job Application?

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If you’re wondering if you should provide a Spanish job application, the short answer is yes!

More and more of today’s potential workforce is bilingual, with their primary language being Spanish. By providing an optional Spanish employment application, you suddenly open yourself up to many more applicants that may otherwise not apply for your job openings.

True, it can be complicated to provide an application in Spanish, especially if you don’t personally speak Spanish. However, technology has progressed to the point that you can now easily translate your application to Spanish. Google Translate is a great example of a tool that will help you translate your content into Spanish or almost any other language imaginable. These translation tools aren’t perfect, but they come pretty close.

Now, if you combine a multi-language employment application and the use of the internet, you cater to almost all candidates. Ninja Gig provides you with easy-to-use online job applications that are also quickly translatable into Spanish.

Sign up for a free trial today with Ninja Gig, and you can be up and running in minutes making a Spanish job application.