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Should You Use Online Tools to Better Understand Job Applicants?

With all the latest developments in digital recruiting tools, are the days of sifting through resumes, conducting interviews, then making a final offer to a candidate over?
Not quite, but the times and hiring practices are certainly a’ changing.

So, with a plethora of new recruiting tools available to help provide a more selective and efficient hiring process, it never hurts to try new methods. Here a few online tools suggested from Hire by Google to help you better screen candidates and provide a more streamlined approach for your next hire.
1. JobPal
AI or artificial intelligence-powered chatbot-based systems are growing in popularity among hiring managers, especially when it comes to sourcing, screening and nurturing candidates. Tools such JobPal addresses simple questions from potential candidates, collects and screens resumes, recommends qualified candidates, and even schedules interviews. It also can also work across a variety of platforms to include your company’s website, Facebook Messenger, and Skype.

2. Maya
Imagine a tool than can ask an applicant questions right after they’ve applied for a job and move the potential ones through your hiring process? Maya and its AI tech can do this and a lot more. It can also request information about experience, previous or current roles, and even specific questions on topics and skills related to the job description.

3. Interview Mocha
Testing skill sets is common for any job candidate. It affords the ability to better examine knowledge and overall qualifications. With its vast range of functions, Interview Mocha has more than 1,000 tests available that cover many industries. Hiring managers or HR professionals can also customize and add questions or even develop new tests altogether with help from its support team.

4. My Ally’s AI assistant
This tool is like having recruiting coordinator, while not actually having one. This smart-assistant tool, again, utilizes AI tech that’s designed to schedule interviews, book conference spaces, reschedule meetings all via email, texting or online chat.

These are just a few of the digital recruiting tools available and are all certainly worthwhile to check out and try. While they cannot replace a face-to-face interview, they can potentially save time, effort, and provide more efficiency to your hiring process.

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