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Super Bowl: The Best Engagement Tool for Employees

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Helping boost employee morale and engagement is a hot button topic for companies and human resources departments. Instead of downplaying the Super Bowl, encourage employees to celebrate this annual event.

You’re probably wondering why you should actively encourage employees to talk about football on the job when reports show that 13.9 million workers call in sick the Monday after the Big Game. Not only that, but studies show that productivity on the job drops the entire week before the Super Bowl.

If your favorite football team is in the Super Bowl this year, be more forgiving towards your employees. You may even consider making schedules the Monday after the event laxer to help accommodate employees that stayed out late partying and celebrating this monumental event.

To boost employee morale and encourage them to celebrate and be more productive on Super Bowl Monday consider incorporating these win/win ideas into your company’s annual schedule.

  • Host a social hour or breakfast on the Monday following the Super Bowl. This allows employees to mingle, discuss Big Game highlights and gives them an excellent outlet for their energy and enthusiasm. Chances are the employees that show up at work will spend at least an hour talking about the game anyway, so you might as well embrace this time and make it fun.
  • If your employees had a game betting pool, announce the winners the Monday after in a fun-filled ceremony. It is important to note that some states do make exceptions for “social gambling,” so this is something that you may need to discuss with your legal department.

Celebrating what is important to your employees will help to boost employee morale and increase productivity.

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