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The Best, Creative Job Interview Questions

What phrase or word best describes you? What color best represents you, and why? We’ve all heard weird job interview questions during the hiring process that make you think, “What does this have to do with anything?” Well, sometimes, the questions are posed just to see how fast people can think on their feet. Other times, the questions […]

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Stick to the Basics: How to Write an Effective Job Description

Finding the right employee for the job can be a difficult process. In today’s tight job market, your inbox might be flooded with job applications online. You can use an online recruitment system to help weed through job applications online and interview dozens of people, none of whom seem to really meet your needs. One […]

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The 5 Questions That Are Illegal in Interviews

Typically, when employers ask illegal interview questions, they aren’t even aware of their mistakes. Some interview questions may seem harmless; the interviewer may be innocently asking – simply to fill awkward silences or get to know someone better. However, these five questions are illegal to ask in an interview because they are discriminatory and violate state […]