Those Pesky Resolutions

It’s that time of year again – time to make those (sometimes pesky) New Year’s Resolutions.  In a recent survey, the most popular resolutions for 2013 included:

1. More exercise

2. Lose weight

3. Eat more healthy foods

4. Take up or restart a hobby/activity

5. Learn a new skill

But 60% of roughly 1,200 respondents said you wouldn’t be making any New Year’s resolutions at all.

It has been shown that those people that write their goals down AND set a plan to achieve those goals will be more successful and achieve more of their goals than people who don’t write them down.

In a business, there are goals everywhere – they just might not be clearly written out and stated.  Improving the bottom line.  Improving communication with an employee.  Digging up enough money to fix that annoying copier.  Getting that new software that would improve efficiency.  And on and on.

The question you must ask yourself is:  “Are my goals written down?” and “Are my goals measurable?”

Writing those goals will give you something to focus on.  If you look at your goals every day, then you will remain laser focused until you achieve that goal.

Today is a perfect day to sit back, review your personal goals AND your business goals.  And don’t forget to write them down!

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