How to Hire Qualified Bookkeepers

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Hiring a bookkeeper is important. After all, an audit by the IRS is never a fun experience. In fact, an audit should come with general warnings: may induce vomiting, dry heaving and/or the onset of ulcer-like systems.

This is why it is so important to hire a bookkeeper or accounting manager that is qualified right from the start. You need to know that your books are in order and the IRS audit will breeze right past you, like a light summer breeze. The last thing you want to experience is spiraling out of control in the midst of a hurricane that is reminiscent of Katrina, holding on for dear life to the nearest streetlamp and praying to the gods that this nightmare will soon end.

Of course, life could always be worse, as my husband found out. He had a bookkeeper that he and his business partner employed for five years. Recently, they discovered she had “cooked the books” and stolen a whopping $70,000 from their small business. After filing sheriff reports, providing legal written and verbal statements, switching accountants, hiring a controller to thoroughly go through their books and having to answer half a million questions in a small town, they realized they could have avoided this pain and agony by listening to their guts.

Most companies know there is something wrong and suspect embezzlement, but they feel helpless or do not want to assume the worst. In business, it is important to monitor employees. This can include having potential employees agree on their employment application to submit to background checks. Background checks can unearth outstanding debt collections, unpaid bills and much more. These are all red flags when hiring a bookkeeper that they may potentially have the hunger to begin “borrowing” money from the company.

In my husband’s case, the bookkeeper started using the company credit card for personal coffees, a tank of gas and advancements. My husband and his partner immediately put a stop to these “fringe benefits,” but a year later, she had started embezzling more money than they could comprehend. The investigation took them weeks and her embezzlement scheme was advanced.

The point of this article is that Ninja Gig can help protect employers by making online job applications easy to customize. You can ask potential employees legal questions, which makes it easy to handle any potential legal issues, should any arise, from a Human Resources standpoint later on. The process is simple and businesses can literally start accepting employment applications within minutes. We offer a free trial, which means that companies have absolutely nothing to lose.

Additionally, there are no limits on the frequency of use in the system and no limit on the number of applications. We simply focus on helping take the headache out of Human Resources systems, which allows companies to hire the best possible candidates for jobs.

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