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How To Make Your Online Job Application Shine

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When it comes to applying for jobs online, it is essential to stand out from the other applicants. Online job postings can attract thousands of applicants, making the odds of getting an interview very small.

In fact, only about 14 percent of all job seekers find employment through ads and the Internet. On the other hand, about 85 percent of all jobs come from networking within the company and word of mouth.

Tips For Responding to Online Job Postings

If you can interact with the employer, it will help you stand out from the other applicants. By incorporating several strategies into how you apply for jobs online, you can increase your chances of getting a job by more than 100 percent.

  • Verify that the company received and can access your application and any attachments.
  • Make contact with the people who make the hiring decision, ensuring they receive a copy of your resume.
  • Network within the company.

Shortly after sending your online application, give the company a call. Ask to speak with the Human Resources department. Ask them if they received your online application, and more importantly, ask them if they would please open your resume attachment to make sure it opens correctly.

With differences in software, sometimes resumes won’t open, and you would never know about it because typically, they won’t email you back looking for it. They will delete your file because they don’t have time to deal with little hiccups like this.

Calling to check will reassure you AND make a favorable impression upon the company. If you have specific questions about the position, you could take it a step further and ask to speak to the hiring manager to ask your questions. This will make you stand out from the rest of the pile of resumes and let them know of your interest and excitement about the position.

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