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How AI Can Work for Your Company Now and in the Future

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In the face of Stephen Hawking’s untimely death, Artificial Intelligence has dominated the headlines. Some people, such as Hawking, believed that AI had a destructive potential, while proponents say that it helps provide automation for jobs. Here are the top ways your company can explore integrating AI into daily tasks and how to effectively address employees’ concerns about AI in the workplace.

  •  Complement, Not Replace – Encourage employees to understand that AI can complement the workforce, not replace their positions. AI technologies are relatively limited, but AI in the workplace can work alongside employees to improve communication channels, helping direct calls to appropriate departments and decreasing wait times. This will help boost overall satisfaction scores. One such company is China Merchants Bank. They used AI to replace the front-line support, allowing their staff to focus on more substantial, complex problems.
  • Educate – Educate your employees about the benefits of AI in the workplace. Within the next five years, AI technology will grow leaps and bounds, and it’s essential that companies and employees recognize the benefits of this strategic opportunity. Look for areas within an organization that can benefit from incorporating AI.
  • Jobs to Manage AI – In the face of adding AI for repetitive or straightforward tasks, companies will need to create a department and positions to oversee AI. AI isn’t foolproof, which is why human interaction is still essential. AI can help replace lower-level tasks in many day-to-day operations while freeing up employees to perform more complicated tasks that require monitoring.
  • Human Touch – As AI evolves and makes a place in our workforce, human resources departments should strive to keep a human touch with companies. Human Resources skills are by nature analytical, which means that an emotional component is essential to maintaining a smooth-running organization.

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