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It’s Finally Here! Application Data Export and CRM Integration

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Yes, it’s finally here! You can now export and download applicant data in bulk. Actually, what we built was a mechanism for you to download the data OR use the same URL as a data feed for your favorite CRM product.

So, whether you are a Microsoft Excel aficionado or you use a CRM product like Salesforce, InfusionSoft or one of the other CRM products, you can now manage your applicant data much more easily!

The benefits of getting your data in bulk include:

  1. You can use your data in your system however you want.
  2. Data mining (need we say more?)
  3. Use your system to track applicant interactions

Already a customer? Log in to your account and click the “Export” link.

Not yet a customer? Sign up for a free trial and check out what you are missing.

Good luck in your hiring adventures, and with great tools, customizable job applications online, and now the ability to download applicant data, Ninja Gig is the perfect solution to make you super efficient!