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Accepting Online Job Applications for My Business

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Many small business owners, CEOs and human resource managers commonly ask the question, “How can I receive online job applications for my business?” Many people have tried creating their own home-grown systems using Google Docs and other forms, only to be frustrated by the difficulty in customizing their application to suit their needs, as well as the annoyance of organizing the applicant data once received.

Another common issue we hear is that many of the other systems out there are quite complex and very expensive! The application should be simple for your applicants, so shouldn’t creating the application be a simple process?

Here at Ninja Gig, we believe in simplicity. Many of the tools offered in our competitors’ products only muddy the water and make customizing your online job applications much more complicated than needed. Our tools are simple yet powerful and allow you to completely customize the online employment application to suit your business needs. And, with our free trial, you have nothing to lose by trying out our software.

So, next time you you are trying to figure out how to receive online or digital employment applications for your business, give us a try! Sign up today for your 14-day free trial and see how easy and inexpensive it is to allow applicants to fill out your job application online.