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Employers Are Struggling and Desperate to Fill Jobs

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More and more workers are pausing their job searches in favor of staying on unemployment with the uncertainty of the COVID-19 Delta epidemic. This means that with employers struggling to fill jobs, companies are finding it difficult, if not impossible, to operate at full capacity.

Since 2021, job postings that contain “hiring urgently” have doubled and are up 50 percent over previous years. 

Industries That Are Struggling

Certain industries are having a more challenging time finding employees.

  • Healthcare – There is a 9.7 percent increase in healthcare industry jobs using terms for “urgently” hiring for personal care and home health care fields. Nursing jobs have seen the term increase by 6.6 percent.
  • Construction – More than 4.7 percent of construction job posts state they are urgently hiring.
  • Childcare – 4.6 percent of childcare job posts say they are urgently hiring.

Employers Enticing Employees Through Job Perks

Many employers are starting to offer more substantial job perks, including bonuses at higher rates. As a result, job postings that feature hiring incentives have increased 4.3 percent, with much of that increase occurring over the last several months. 

  • Driving Jobs – Driving job posts have a 16.1 percent increase in hiring incentives. The need for driving jobs, such as delivery, trucking and ride-hailing, has dramatically increased due to the growth of e-commerce over the last year.
  • Dental Jobs – Job incentives have increased 14 percent.
  • Nursing Jobs – Incentives have gone up 12.2 percent.
  • Veterinary Jobs – Job perks have increased 11.5 percent.

Why Is There an Employee Shortage?

The healthcare industry has seen an increase in the demand for professionals due to the pandemic. Some people have also left the industry due to COVID-19 shot requirements or were worried about the risk of infection. 

The restaurant industry is having a precariously difficult time filling open positions. Still, only 2.1 percent use terms such as “hiring urgently” in job listings, but 3.3 percent offer cash incentives for new hires.

Many employers may not yet be offering incentives or pay increases as they feel the lull in employment is a temporary problem. Additionally, many restaurants are seeing staff shortages because they are faced with reducing their operating hours. 

The upcoming months will show if unemployment numbers will return to pre-pandemic normal or stay at stagnant lows and if employers struggling to fill jobs will continue.

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