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Employment Projections: Fastest-Growing Jobs in America

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The Bureau of Labor Statistics has released employment projections for 2020. Without further ado or an extended drum roll, the job winners are:

  • Home Care Aid – While this job is on the lower end of the income scale – a mere average median annual salary of $21,309 – it is in huge demand with America’s aging population. Studies show that more than 700,000 new jobs will be available within three years. As more Baby Boomers age and require home care, these aids will help bathe and dress clients, provide light housekeeping services, give limited medication and check vital signs.
  • Biomedical Engineer – The aging Baby Boomer population is creating yet another medical need – this time for biomedical engineers. This position helps solve medical and other health-related problems by focusing on the development of devices and health-boosting procedures. This field works with chemists, life scientists and medical scientists to develop and evaluate medical systems that can be used in the healthcare field. This may include creating artificial devices for missing body parts, health management, instrumentation and care delivery systems. Employment projections anticipate an increase of 61.7 percent.
  • Physical Therapy Assistant – As Americans age, the need for physical therapy assistants will increase by 45.7 percent. The position helps treat patients that are suffering from physical disabilities or injuries, reviews pain relief exercises and stretches to help increase patients’ range of motion and flexibility.
  • Meeting/Event Planner – Employment projections anticipate that there will be a need for 31,000 new meeting and event planners by 2020, which is an increase of 43.7 percent. Whether it is planning parties, weddings or corporate events, this job focuses on creating fun and meticulously organized activities within budget.
  • Ultrasound Technologist – This position requires collaborating with other medical professionals, interacting with sick patients and having a heightened degree of compassion. An entry-level position requires an associate’s degree, and this field will see an increase in jobs by 43.5 percent.
  • Translator – With a 42.2 percent increase in jobs, translators work with written documents and the spoken language. Business deals and court cases will likely see an increase in qualified translator hirings.
  • Market Research Analyst/Marketing Specialist – Performing research and trending over market data, the analyst position helps determine if the market is ready for services or products. They are also responsible for looking at competitors. Once the analyst completes these duties, the data is turned over to the specialist that helps understand the market share and further grow the product. Experts predict this field will increase by 41.2 percent.
  • Dental Hygienist – A hygienist not only performs cleanings but also sealings, root planing and general oral hygiene education. Most dental hygienists need an associate’s degree and formal training, but by 2020 this field will see a 37.7 percent employment projection increase.
  • Audiologist – Increasing by 36.8 percent, this fast-growing health care career is in demand as Baby Boomers age. They specialize in administering and interpreting tests, such as speech reception, air and bone conduction and discrimination tests, helping to determine the type of hearing impairment, damage and effects on speech and comprehension. This position usually requires a master’s degree.
  • Health Educator – Expected to increase by 36.5 percent, health educators are in school or clinic settings and help educate people about healthy lifestyles. They work with patients to manage medical conditions, such as diabetes or gluten intolerance, contribute to reducing disability and improve overall health.
  • Cost Estimator – This job is expected to increase by 36.4 percent and have a median annual salary of $61,405. Cost estimators usually have a bachelor’s degree and figure out how much a project or product will ultimately cost. This position helps companies decide if it’s cost-effective to create or produce new products.

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