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Applicant Tracking System (Ats): Understand the 6 Reasons You Need One Now

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What is an ATS System? An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is the best way to manage your candidates and resumes in today’s job market. Whether you’re looking at purchasing an Applicant Tracking System for your company or trying to convince management that it would streamline your hiring and paperwork retention processes, here are the top six reasons why your company needs an ATS system now.

  1. Publish Jobs Across Multiple Job Boards – With one-click, Ninja Gig’s Applicant Tracking System will publish your jobs on Indeed, Jooble, Facebook jobs, Google Jobs and more. You’ll have consistent, branded job postings across the web and links to Ninja Gig from your website. All applicants will apply through Ninja Gig, meaning that their data will be securely stored in one location.
  2. Allows Candidates to Apply for Jobs Online EasilyNinja Gig gives candidates an easy way to access applications and apply for jobs. Let’s face it; there are many job openings out there and a lot of qualified candidates. If job seekers have an easy way to apply to jobs, your job will be the one they apply to first. 
  3. Manage Your Recruiting Process From One Website – Instead of trying to manage applicants within Excel spreadsheets and email folders, you’ll have access to a single system that stores all the data, lets you rate applicants and even respond to them directly.
  4. Identify the Best Candidates – Stop wasting time on candidates that aren’t a good fit for your company. Implement pre-screening questions and then quickly score answers so you can prioritize interviewing the best, most qualified candidates.
  5. Start Automating Routine Tasks – Ninja Gig’s ATS system can help automate daily tasks, such as sending notifications to candidates, scheduling interviews and rating candidates.
  6. Streamline Reporting and ComplianceManagement can receive updates about pipelines for each job opening and what job boards capture the most qualified candidates. You can also easily track and report voluntary EEO data. 

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Ninja Gig is the best ATS system on the market. If you’re looking for an ATS tracking system that is affordable, secure and helps improve your online recruitment without hurting your bottom dollar, try Ninja Gig today for an all-inclusive, flat-rate fee of $49. Sign up today and start accepting online applications immediately.